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Thursday, May 1, 2014

What doesn't make me successful!

I was not great at tracking this week and it showed on the scale.  I basically gained all my weight back from last week except .2 lbs.  A gain of 2.4 this week.  I'm honestly not upset about it because I know exactly why I gained.  I know what I ate, I didn't get my exercise in like I wanted to... I'm having some issues with that (I was in a car accident last week and need to be careful with exercising as I'm in some pain from the accident).

I didn't know what I was going to write about this week because I knew it wasn't going to be a good weigh in... I was so positive and happy last week and that dwindled off quickly by Friday because the pain from the accident set in (and then I got mad... seriously I'm supposed to be really healthy and getting really frustrated with my new found issues - between my foot and now my neck/back issues I'm just beside myself).  I am not willing to give up on Weight Watchers, healthy eating, exercise, taking care of myself, etc. I will not go back to where I was.

With that said, the topic for this week at Weight Watchers couldn't have been more perfect.  We made lists of what "it" looks like when we're doing well or staying on plan and then a list of what a plateau looks like.  While I don't feel like I've been on a plateau, I have definitely gained weight.  Which to me isn't the same.  There is definitely a reason for my weight gain.  These are the things I've been doing lately, to not make me successful:

  1. Exercise
    • My exercise has been spotty AND the cardio isn't there.  
    • I'm not getting in my steps, not even close.  
    • I'm rarely getting exercise points, where I used to get 20-24 a week.
  2. Food
    • I am tracking, but it's very spotty.
    • I'm consistently going over my points.
    • I'm consistently using more than my weekly extra points.
    • I'm consistently giving into temptation... craving burgers, ice cream, sugar, candy, etc.
  3. My Mind / Body
    • My head isn't in the game, I'm constantly telling myself not to do things and then I go right ahead and do them.
    • My mind is constantly thinking about my cravings.
    • By body isn't in great shape any more.  I have a lot of aches and pains and they are winning.
So, these are the things I need to do to get myself back on track.  If I don't, I'm not going to be successful!
  1. Exercise:  I'm going to choose exercises that work for me NOW.  It's probably going to have to be biking and walking for now.  Until I can get myself back in order.
  2. Food:  I'm going to have to figure this out.  I need to meal plan (only way to stick to points and stay within points).  I need to stop giving into my cravings for a while.  Lastly, I need to be strong.
  3. Mind / Body:  it's a slippery slope when you don't move as much, you have more aches and pains.  I'm going to get in some walking and biking like I said and hopefully by doing that my aches and pains will work themselves out.  Then I think the mind will get where it needs to be.
These are not things that I don't know how to do.  My mind needs to win!  My head needs to keep me in the game.  I know I'm not alone.

Have a good week... I'm going to work on staying positive because I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!


  1. I so wish I could do this for you - but I can't, if I could I would.... all I can do is pray for you to have the strength to continue on your path towards your goal.

  2. WOW can I relate to this!!! It's like you literally jumped inside my head there for a minute! :P At the same time... reading this made it very clear to me that I need to stop ignoring my bad choices and start paying attention.

    I KNOW you can do this! I lost 150lbs... about 120 of it via WW meetings and the rest on my own. Unfortunately I've let it get away from myself these past 2 years and I've gained 20lbs back.

    I'm not happy with the gain... I'm tired of making excuses... I'm ready to get back on track!

    1. Carrie, thank you for your kind words. I wish that this wasn't relate-able (really), but understand that most of us are going through this - especially if you're reading my blog LOL.

      I can do this, keeping on track it tough though. Mother's day has thrown me for a loop... back to bad choices (funny how quickly that can happen) and trying to tell myself to stop!

      Keep reading :)