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Thursday, October 1, 2015


Happy happy October... this is a great month.  Next week - My birthday, my anniversary and off to New York and then we move!  BIG BIG things for me this month.  My posts will likely be short and sweet (and maybe sparatic) for the rest of this month.

With that said... I know I'm overwhelmed... I can feel it.  I can feel the constant stress... and it will be like this until we move and are settled.  It's not a good feeling for me, nor do I handle it well.

I didn't track that well this past week and I really wanted to.  I found myself going back a few days and trying to remember what I ate and when... guessing at the points.  I'm sure I missed things, but it did help put into perspective how bad I really do when I don't think about it.

I do want to do better this week... I really do.  But I think my goals have to be super tiny right now, because it just stresses me out more when I don't meet them.  So my tiny goal this next week is to get to the gym at  least 3 times.

I need to get my gym time in because soon I will be off to New York... and with that comes food and entertainment.  A lot of walking too, but I'm pretty sure not enough to work off all the stuff we will try while out there... and after I get back we will have two weeks before I move.

It's also a busy time for me at work.  So I need to stay focused on that as well.