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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Progress Is Progress

Getting there...

So this week my activity points were more than doubled, my food intake was cut way down (still not perfect, but way better than last week) and I've felt much better.

I'm still craving the bad foods, but giving in much less than before.  Progress is progress, right?

I haven't been to the gym (except for 1 time) this month, but we've been working on getting our house ready to sell.  So definitely tons of activity points from that.  One day I earned 8 activity points and I never left my house.

I haven't been prepping food very much, which is a big down fall for me as I do much better (don't we all) when I am able to do that.  I did however get some fruit for the week - which I didn't have much of last week.  I enjoy fruit and most veggies, but it's hard to eat them when I don't prep them.  I should be able to do some of that this weekend - depending on what's left on our project list of course.  Regardless... going to try to make good decisions.

This week, like I said I moved more and ate less, I lost 2.8 lbs.  Feels good (I've actually lost almost 5 lbs the last two weeks - YAY).  Hope to keep up being this busy so that the downward trend keeps coming :)  I would love to get back to where I was even a year ago.  That's 18 lbs to get off (since last August).

Onward and upward... stay positive, keep moving and eat less.  That has to be my motto!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever after!

Monday, June 22, 2015

It's working...

Sorry for the late post... I have been extremely busy working on our house.  We've done so much to this house in the last year, it's crazy... but looking great!

Anyway - I did track the entire week.  I was negative 77 extra points and that's with using my 11 activity points.  Not my best week - but hey, I tracked.

I did end up losing this week - lost 2, which is way more than I thought I would.  I thought I'd be staying the same, which is an accomplishment in itself when you're negative that much.

I haven't gotten to the gym at all, I really hope in the next week that I can get myself back there as I only have 1 time in for the month and I need 7 more before the 30th (and it's the 22nd)... yikes.  But hopefully after today I can get there every day.

I will continue to track and work around the house... over the weekend I was able to earn 21 activity points so far and while I've used all of those (we haven't had time to focus on cooking / eating healthy food), I actually (for the first time in a long time) came out of the weekend with still having extra bonus points for the week (only 9, but that's better than negative 27 like I was last week).

Anyway, I hope you're all able to keep busy getting those activity points and eat healthy... I can't wait to get back to that!

Soon, very very soon!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I think I can...

I'd say I've done a little better this week.  I'm not perfect (never am) but I'm doing much better than before.  I was, however, out of my extra points by early Sunday afternoon.  So I've still got some work to do there.

I got to the gym only twice this week, but I worked in my garden one day for over an hour and it was intense weed pulling... so I'm counting this.  I also got many other things marked off my weekend to-do list. I could be working out more, but sometimes I just don't feel like it or I end up doing other things around the house (hence garden weeding) and I don't get there.

I did end up falling way off the wagon Tuesday night... so the end result of this week was staying the same.  I know I need to do much better.

This week I will continue to work towards getting to the gym 3x.  Trying a yoga class (I keep saying that, I just don't like yoga).  I need to plan a little better with food this week - which I'll have to do Saturday because Sunday will be taken up by a graduation party.

Regardless, I'll have to keep telling myself (as always) "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

I've done better

I've not been really that focused lately.  Yeah sure, I think about what I'm eating... and say to myself I shouldn't and then I go right ahead and eat it.  Even if it's not even worth it.  THAT is a true sign that one is out of control.

Oh how quickly one can go from being on track to being off track (so so so off track).

I know I'm not the only one struggling.  I heard from one of the ladies that weighs us in at WW that I am not the only one that has been struggling.  So comforting, but really it doesn't help me that others are in the same boat.  I feel bad for us all, I want to help us all... but I haven't even been able to help myself.

Cravings are hard to deny.  Especially when off plan in the slightest.

My goal this week is to focus on what I really want.  I am working from home full time for awhile and at least 3 days a week I will be going to the gym on my lunch hour.  I also want to try out either a yoga or pilates class.  I think I can commit to that - right?!?

Well you will know next week.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!