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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tracking is where it's at!!!

I had to read my previous post before writing this one.  I wanted to make sure I report back on everything I said I would do.  I actually did fairly well this week.  My vow was to write everything down (I did), to continue to exercise (I did, a little more this week than last week) and to stay within my points 6 of the 7 days (I did not... I would say 4 1/2 days I did well with my points).

Friday my mom and I went to the movies and I had popcorn - didn't have points for it... and then we had ice cream when we got home.  Again didn't have the points for it. I had the weekly points for it, just not daily... so I count this as my bad day.

I was bad (very bad) at the party on Saturday, but I was able to ward off the alcohol pusher.  This person kept pressuring me to drink.  She just wanted someone to drink with and I was 1 of 3 people she knew at the party... and we used to party hard when I was younger.  I kept repeating, I'd rather eat my points than drink my points.  I seriously had to say this over 5 times.  I was getting kinda pissed as she knows how hard it is to lose weight, be strong against food and drinking, and she's a good friend of mine.  She finally got me to take one sip of her drink - OMG it was horrible (thankfully).  There was way too much alcohol in it for my liking - so that was good enough for me to satisfy her and not make me crave a whole drink.  There were many good appetizers that I did indulge in, but I really tried to semi-control myself.  When things were too large, I cut them in half.  I made a healthier appetizer myself - as healthy as I could.  I made a veggie pizza - people were RAVING about it.  I'll post the recipe on the recipe tab, so check it out (no picture though).

Sunday I was not good either.  I started well, ended horribly.  I wanted to go to Zumba but I didn't.  Instead, I woke up at 8 am and made myself some coffee.  Then I proceeded to go downstairs and watch TV the entire day.  The only thing I did do was let the dogs out, make spaghetti squash (for the week), acorn squash and a pizza (didn't really "watch" what I put on the pizza either... except there was turkey pepperoni and part-skim mozzarella).  I seriously watched TV until 9:30 pm.  Didn't exercise at all, thought about it a lot - but couldn't make myself go.

Monday I started feeling sick and Tuesday I was definitely sick.  I did exercise Monday (home Zumba), Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Zumba at the gym.  I just figured I'd go and at least move, just not get as intense as I normally do.  That felt good... I actually felt good after for about a 1/2 hour and then I'd feel sick again.

My results this week, after being good for 4 1/2 days was that I lost 2.4 lbs.  I'm back to the 90 lb weight loss range (thankfully!!!!).  I still have a lot of work to do this week to keep myself on track.  We leave Wednesday for Florida and I want to make sure I'm not in vacation mode NOW versus when we get there.  Since I'll be in Florida for Thanksgiving I won't have a post next week, but I will recap our trip and how I did at the Thanksgiving buffet (yikes... I need to start mentally preparing for that NOW).

So for this week, I'm going to focus on tracking again... and trying not to go negative in my weekly points like I did this week.  I'm also going to exercise like I normally do... I need to figure out what kind of exercise I'm going to commit to in Florida - whether it's running or I bring a video to do.  Stay tuned to find out what I did :)

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vowing to Change

So I didn't weigh in last week (I was in a training and didn't feel like weighing in on Wednesday because I knew I was up) nor have I been a very good girl with food.  I've kept up my exercise (not a problem for me, I LOVE IT) but have been making some horrible choices.  Even though I'm telling myself not to do / eat these things I am buying and eating them as I'm telling myself not to.

I feel very off and not sure why I'm doing this to myself.  There will be moments where I've been strong, but more often the moments of weakness are winning me over.  I have all kinds of excuses but I really hate excuses.  There's no excuse for my behavior since I know what I want.  I really do!

I think my problem right now is that shopping has been fun and the new clothes I've bought fit very well and are so fun.  So I'm focusing on having fun with that and messing up with my food... which if I think about it (and trust me I have) if I don't get myself in check, then these cute clothes and fun shopping trips are no longer going to fit or be fun.

Seriously... I've thought a lot about this.  I even uttered the words "I'm happy with where I am right now."  This is true but not true.  I do feel good, I'm able to exercise with no problem and still loving it, I want to go out and do things with friends... but there in lies the problem.  When I'm doing things like this then I let loose a little (a lot).  It's no one's fault but my own!  ... and on that flip side I'm not where I want to be in the end.

One little thing just sets me off and then the rest of the day goes down hill.  I have not been tracking my food very well... I'll start and then eat too much and write that down and then I don't track my dinner or other snacks that I may have through out the day. So dumb!

So... I vow to change.  I'm going back to when I was doing well.  I'm going to track my food.  I am going to do my very best to stay within my points 6 of the 7 days (I say 6, because I have a birthday/appetizer party on Saturday where I know I will drink a little and eat some bad stuff).  I have to do this for myself!  Shit, I'm going to Florida in 2 weeks... I know my clothes will fit for the trip (what a relief) but I want to feel good too.  I feel good when I'm eating healthy (WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER THAT ALL.THE.TIME?!).

To keep you posted on my progress... at one point I was down 96 lbs... I am now down 87.5 lbs.  I've gained a bit through out October to now. I want to hit that stupid 100 lbs... and I have a long way to go again.  I can do this!  I know I can!  YOU know I can!

Here we go... I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I am not weighing in this week as I will be away at training during my normal weigh in time and then from training I'm leaving to go out of town.  So I do not have report on how I did this week, but I can tell you that I did not lose this week... but I will next week!

I'm definitely struggling.

I know I can do this!

It's not easy, it never will be.

I've been thinking a lot about food this week, prob's because it's that time of the month.  I haven't indulged as much as I had been the last two weeks, but Halloween candy has not been my friend.  We had a major run in on Monday.  Tuesday I was able to be MUCH better about it... and I'm hoping it's all gone from the work place before I return next week.

I ate more salads this week... but I need to make some meals.  I need to do that in order to stay interested.  I will be getting home late on Sunday and then starts the week of exercising.  I do not get home most days until 6:30 - 8:00 (depending on the day of week/work out schedule).  For those days that I'm eating on the road, I need to make sure I have some finger foods to eat in the car.  Especially with winter approaching.  So I will be reflecting on that over the next week and let you know next week what I plan to do to make myself successful!

Have a great week and I hope you have more self control than I do right now. Regardless, we have the same goal...

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.