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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm a believer!!!

Last week I indicated I was going to hibernate and focus on me.  I did just that and I (once again) totally redeemed myself!  I lost 3.6 lbs and my total is now 90.8!!!

I worked out EVERY day and most days did 2 work outs.  It totally paid off!  While I exercised a lot, I wasn't perfect on my food - but compensated for that by putting in an extra work out on those days that I was a bit on the naughty side.  I had pizza and cheese bread one night, went to Culvers and ordered a burger and onion rings AND met a group of gals out for a Greek brunch.  I did major damage that day, but kept up on my work outs so I didn't feel as guilty!

Ok onto topic now!!!

You may ask what I'm a believer in... and the answer is crazy - A LOT.  LOL.  But what I'm specifically referring to is - I'm a believer in self talk.  Oh my word, this week was full of self talk.  I asked myself several times...
  • Why are you doing this?  What was my answer?  I'm doing this for oh so many reasons!
    • I want to get off all my blood pressure medicine.
    • I want to continue being able to walk up my stairs in my house (only 1 flight) without having to catch my breath.
    • I want to be healthy so I can be around for a long time.
    • I want things to be easier for me .
    • I want to be able to keep up with my niece and nephew without having to be worn out.
    • I want to WANT to do things outside of my home... but this comes with the challenge of continuing to make the right choices (which I still need to work on).
    • I want to feel in control of my life again.
    • I want my husband to be attracted to me (he's never said he wasn't but damn... I wouldn't have been).
    • I want to want to do the things we used to do - like snomobiling, fishing and the like.
    • I want people to not judge me for being fat.
    • I want to feel attractive in general.
  • Do you want to be healthy or do you want that fucking ice cream cone (or pretty much insert any fast food or bad choice food)?  In the ice cream cone incident this week, I chose to be healthy!  It wasn't easy and I had to trick myself.  I went to the gym and didn't take my purse.  So I couldn't even buy it :)
  • Is that X, Y or Z worth the points?  The answer was... in some cases yes (insert Culver's and pizza here) and other cases it was no  - HUGE progress from the last month (from falling off the wagon).
  • Do you feel in control this week?  The answer was yes, even though some of my choices were bad - they were WORTH it to me!
I'm not sure if you do a lot of self talk, but for me it totally works!  I knew what I wanted this week which was to focus on myself.  I walked and exercised a lot as well as making a lot of good choices (I'm super proud of myself).  I exercised EVERY day and there were a few days (literally 3) that I honestly didn't want to work out - but because of my commitment I did it (remember to set small goals and MAKE yourself make them).  Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- I walked down our busy boulevard - DANCING (literally)... most people loved watching me.  I can't hear if they are yelling things at me because my music is so loud - but I choose to perceive them as liking what they see.  I'm sure I'll be on YouTube.

Next week the focus remains hibernation mode -- exercise and eating right... but what I'm adding is back to my making my huge amount of salads ahead of time so I'm not rushing to do it in the morning.  I truly hope my blog is helping you get yourself back on track... it takes time, but you must force yourself to do so (and then it will be come second nature) in order to get what you want.

Ask yourself what is it that you truly want!  Do you want to be what you are today or do you want to work towards a healthier self?

I know I can't wait to be Healthfully Ever After.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time to Hibernate?

So last week I committed to the following:
  1. Exercise at least 3 times in this next week - at least one of them will be a run.  (I have to start running again, I'm running in the Dirty Girl 5k August 3rd)
  2. Count EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth.
  3. I will not go negative in my extra points this week. (I was over at least by 125 pts this week and that's without fully counting one full day)
I met #1 (except for the running - but I worked out 4 times instead of 3 so does that count???), I did not meet #2 or 3.  I tried my best with #2, but #3 was an epic fail.  I even accepted a challenge to lose the weight I gained on vacation.  I did not.  I lost 1.6 of the 4.2 I had gained (and only because I exercised this morning before weighing in, otherwise it was close for staying the same or gaining up to 1 lb).

The Kenny Chesney concert started the week off wrong, I did well at the concert but when we got home we ordered pizza (yup damn pizza again) and I ate half a medium all by myself - oh and it was their "deep dish".  EFF!!!  Then the next day was Sonic (I did order a chicken sammich - not grilled tho grrrrrrrr) and then we had to go out to dinner that night - I did fairly well at dinner.  1 onion ring (cannot believe that) and 2 small (very small) pieces of garlic peanut butter cheese bread (don't knock it, it was good - so don't try it either --- garlic butter, cheese, bread and peanut butter what's healthy about any of that???) and I ordered Salmon (and sweet potato fries - WTH!!!).  Sunday was the graduation party where an evil woman made 8 different kinds of fudge, I tried them all.  BUT they were the smallest pieces and seriously were cut perfectly small!  I did ok with the food - for the most part, so I'm very happy with that...

Here's a picture from the party - my step son is soooo cute, looks just like his dad (did when he had hair LOL).

My mommy and me (I know i'm too tan... trying to lose some of it!!!)
Pic's of my husband and I on the light rail and at the concert... yeah, he planned his shirt matching the light rail colors for a good pic -- ok, ok, that's a lie.

So obvsies I'm struggling.  Everyone struggles.  I need to figure out how to get out of this funk I'm in.  I don't feel as good as I felt before and I can feel the 5 lb gain!  It doesn't feel good and is bogging me down. I will say is that working out 4 x this week has been some what of a motivator and going to the meeting today really helped!  I love my group!!!

The good news is the vacation, concert and graduation party are all OVER and I don't have anymore real temptations where I'm bound to do bad.  I'm sure there will be challenging days/weekends to come, but nothing is scheduled.

With that said, I think my solution is to go into hibernation!

This does not mean that I'm staying in my house in a dark room.  What it means is that my time needs to become about me again.  I need to say no to going away on weekends again, scheduling events where I know I won't make good decisions, etc.  I also need to make my time about exercising again (I've got a good start this week).  THAT needs to be my focus and typically with that comes wanting to eat healthier again.  Not that I don't like healthy eating, I do, I really do!  But, I will want to be good and be able to turn down the temptations again.  I need to make my eggs, salads and actually plan out my dinners again.

Tuesday night I started my new work out regime... Hip Hop Abs.  It's a 30 day program -- I finished day 3 today.  I do best when I have something set for me.  I also NEED to run more.  I have the dirty girl run August 3rd and I'm really afraid of how I'll do.  I'm more afraid of what obstacles they'll have.  But whatever, I'll do my best and I'll finish no matter what.  If you want to join my team - it's the 8:30 am group and the team name is Healthfully Ever After (surprise).

I promise next week will be a much better post and I'll be happy to tell you how much I've lost!  I am recommitting myself to my health and happiness!!!

Have a great week and always remember, I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Diet Vacation ~ No Bueno

I am back on the grid, I had a wonderful two weeks away from reality, but the scale is showing the effects of not paying attention to what I'm eating and NOT exercising doesn't help either.  We got back last Tuesday, but with the holiday I spaced the blog since I didn't weigh in.  At one time I told myself I'd go weigh in when we got home (the next day) or the Friday after the 4th of July.  Didn't happen.

What did happen was I continued to be on "diet vacation."  When I got home from our trip I was up 7-8 lbs. I lost a little of that due to being a women (eh-hem, you know what I mean), but I continued to eat over my points and barely counted... when I did count  I didn't care if I went over.

I tried working out Monday - just water aerobics (it's been 2 weeks since I've worked out) and ended up hurting my knee.  I have been having problems with it since I kicked my exercises up, but have been getting by.  BUT noooooo-way can I turn my back to the pain I was having.  I couldn't even straighten out my leg for two days.  It's getting better now, I'm sure it was 90% related to the weather (I get like that) so now that some of the storms passed it will get better.  Still hurts a little though.

So with that said... I'm hitting the restart button. Beginning today I pledge to do the following:
  1. Exercise at least 3 times in this next week - at least one of them will be a run.  (I have to start running again, I'm running in the Dirty Girl 5k August 3rd)
  2. Count EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth.
  3. I will not go negative in my extra points this week. (I was over at least by 125 pts this week and that's without fully counting one full day)
I think that's all I can commit to at this point - we have a concert tomorrow, going out of town on Saturday AND my step son's graduation party on Sunday... oh and I have a lunch scheduled next week.  So plenty to "figure out" there.

My results for weigh in this week was a gain of 4.2 lbs.  I was expecting 5-6 (in fact  I had 6 lbs on here because I write the blog the night before and just plug in my numbers most of the time) but regardless I need to get that OFF ASAP.  I hope you had a better two weeks than I did.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.