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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Diet Vacation ~ No Bueno

I am back on the grid, I had a wonderful two weeks away from reality, but the scale is showing the effects of not paying attention to what I'm eating and NOT exercising doesn't help either.  We got back last Tuesday, but with the holiday I spaced the blog since I didn't weigh in.  At one time I told myself I'd go weigh in when we got home (the next day) or the Friday after the 4th of July.  Didn't happen.

What did happen was I continued to be on "diet vacation."  When I got home from our trip I was up 7-8 lbs. I lost a little of that due to being a women (eh-hem, you know what I mean), but I continued to eat over my points and barely counted... when I did count  I didn't care if I went over.

I tried working out Monday - just water aerobics (it's been 2 weeks since I've worked out) and ended up hurting my knee.  I have been having problems with it since I kicked my exercises up, but have been getting by.  BUT noooooo-way can I turn my back to the pain I was having.  I couldn't even straighten out my leg for two days.  It's getting better now, I'm sure it was 90% related to the weather (I get like that) so now that some of the storms passed it will get better.  Still hurts a little though.

So with that said... I'm hitting the restart button. Beginning today I pledge to do the following:
  1. Exercise at least 3 times in this next week - at least one of them will be a run.  (I have to start running again, I'm running in the Dirty Girl 5k August 3rd)
  2. Count EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth.
  3. I will not go negative in my extra points this week. (I was over at least by 125 pts this week and that's without fully counting one full day)
I think that's all I can commit to at this point - we have a concert tomorrow, going out of town on Saturday AND my step son's graduation party on Sunday... oh and I have a lunch scheduled next week.  So plenty to "figure out" there.

My results for weigh in this week was a gain of 4.2 lbs.  I was expecting 5-6 (in fact  I had 6 lbs on here because I write the blog the night before and just plug in my numbers most of the time) but regardless I need to get that OFF ASAP.  I hope you had a better two weeks than I did.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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