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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Holiday... Celebrate

So of course I went off track during a holiday weekend.  I was away from home and around amazing food, good drinks and fun company.  I knew I'd be off.  I drank more than I normally do.  I actually am not a big drinker (anymore, college did me in).  I don't think my food was all that bad, but sure it could have been better.

I am also "very" sick.  I've been dealing with a tooth issue for over two weeks now.  I deem myself very sick because i had a severe infection in my tooth.  I visited the dentist a few times now and we started a re-root canal process.  NOT FUN.  This tooth had a root canal done over 12 years ago and is now rearing its ugly head again.  Not uncommon for me (unfortunately).

So I was put on a couple different drugs, one being a steroid and another being a very aggressive antibiotic.  The antibiotic made me very sick and very uncomfortable.  The steroid was awesome... but also had it side effects on me.  So I'm up in weight for sure because of that too (not just food)...

I didn't get in any exercise last week due to not feeling well.  I helped garden (a huge mo-fo garden) but that's all I really could do.

Oh and I got my lady friend.

All strikes against me this week, for weigh in at least.  I am starting to feel better.  I'm off the antibiotic as of Monday (was getting delusional - was quite scary) and started feeling more myself yesterday.  Still have an infected tooth, but hopefully after Monday that will all be better.

So obviously I gained (a lot, but not as much as I had thought I would)... but For next week, I commit to be better.  Better with eating, better with moving (I don't care what it is) and better all around.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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