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Friday, February 15, 2013

Just Move On, it's not that bad!!!

Well, I'd say it was a great week and I did super well... which would be completely truthful.  But the scale made me extremely upset this week.  I stayed the same, but was actually expecting a 4lb weight loss this week.  So was super mad once I got on that scale.

I want to tell you this story because I know most of you, if not all, can relate.  I was traveling this week for work, we left Tuesday and came home last night (which is why the blog posting is late).  I did really well over the weekend, started my work out on Monday, but made sure to get some exercise points in on Sunday.  So I felt great about that.

Tuesday, we left for Fargo.  We stopped for lunch, I ordered a wrap and veggies for my side.  Before we left for dinner Tuesday night, I did a 40 minute cardio work out.  For dinner, while my co-workers ordered appetizers - I ordered an awesome dinner salad.  While they drank a bunch of yummy beers, I drake a BUNCH of water.  While they ate yummy burgers, fries, onion rings, etc... I ate a club sandwich and broccoli.

I arranged for them to allow me to take the rental car in the morning to Weight Watchers (WW). I was told where it was at and got up at 6:00 am in order to make it for a weigh in and meeting.  I drove to the WW and it was not there, it was a Jenny Craig.  I kinda laughed, because it was a skinny person who told me where it was at.  I thought "huh, one of those skinny people that think all of these weight loss places are the same".  NOT!!!  So I pulled up the app on my phone and got the address, with 5 minutes to spare before the meeting started (at this point)  I was relieved to see it was only 2 miles away.  So I drove to where the app told me to go, there was no WW there either.  But I thought because I didn't know where I was that I was wrong.  So I kept driving around the strip malls along the road to see if I was just missing it.  NOPE, not there.  So I called the WW hotline and the guy told me "yeah, it's not there.  there's no meeting there, there's no meeting in Fargo at all today.  But there's one tomorrow at a church near by."  A little agitated, I said "no kidding.  I can see the address that's listed here and it's not here.  I said so you mean to tell me that the website (where I looked up this address earlier in the week) AND the app are wrong?  There's supposed to be a 7 am meeting today, there were several meeting times that were listed."  So he asked me for the zip code.  Not being around there, I was like - "I have no idea what the zip code is here."  So I gave him the address and he said again... "no it's not there" and gave me a new address.  Luckily it was just down the road on the other side.  By this time it was 7:15 am and the meeting was going to end in 15 minutes.  Still excited (even though really mad), I stepped on the scale... only to see that I stayed the same (when I was down 4 lbs the DAY BEFORE).  So... I did not stay for the meeting and my entire day was ruined.

I had planned on going out with my co-workers to have dinner, drinks and some dancing.  I decided I was not going to go... but later changed my mind.  Still upset about the scale, I didn't want to ruin my time... and was just going to come home and weigh in again on Friday.  BUT was told that's a no-no for weight watchers - so I am just going to wait and weigh in next week.  Especially since I drank A LOT Wednesday night (still did ok for lunch and dinner... but the drinking was BAD)... and due to hang over the next day I ate bad yesterday and am back up again today.

Anyway - not going to let it get me down and will work this next week to get those 4 lbs back off :).  So the moral of the story is... don't let the scale ruin your mood.  It's only a week (and a day of bad eating), move on and get over it.  You can't change it anyway.

I'm going to continue my new work out plan and eat well the rest of the week!  That's my goal.  I hope you can relate to this story (well really only some of it because it was super frickin annoying!!!) and learn from it. Learn that we can all move on and get back on track.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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  1. I believe in you and if you say you're going to do it and you want to bad enough you will achieve it! Let you persistance rule!