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Thursday, February 21, 2013


This has been a very interesting week... I've been sick since Sunday.  Probably earlier but the wall came crashing down on Sunday.  Most of you would be excited about that for weigh in day I'm sure because I think the average person doesn't eat much when they are sick.  I'm the opposite - well with a cold for sure!

I tried to keep track of my points as best I could, but wasn't measuring things out.  I went over board last Thursday, Friday and Saturday (this i know!!!) but tried to keep that in the back of my mind the rest of these days.  Really what I fed myself with mostly the last three days is peanut butter, cheese and crackers.  WEIRD, I know.

Other bad news...
I also haven't exercised since last Tuesday... which makes me sad!  I like my exercising, but have been so wiped out I just couldn't do it... I'm sure due to this cold (or whatever it is I have).  I may be visiting the minute clinic today because I'm on day 5 of not having a voice and my throat HURTS REAL BAD.  Anyway - enough of my woes.

The good news...
With all of that, I was still able to pull off a decent (a very decent) number this week.  I'm sure due to staying the same last week when I sincerely shouldn't have, I'm reaping some bene's from that.  But regardless, I'm down 5.4 lbs!  So my total lost is now 74.8 lbs.

Go me!!!

Once I start feeling better, I'm picking that exercising right back up!  And will be working on better meal planning, we all do better when we have made a plan.

Good luck to you this week, stay strong!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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