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Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Got Lucky

This weekend was the Get Lucky race.  My first 7k.  When I signed up I was so excited - mainly because of the sweatshirt they give you for signing up.  When I picked up my packet back in December I got even more excited because I bought some extra fun stuff - a tshirt, headband and stocking cap.  I was all geared up to start my training 2 months before the race.

I did start the training, but failed at keeping it going each time.  Then I had a couple of bad runs and was totally soured... in addition to the crappy temps.  I kept telling myself that I wouldn't run the race if 1) the roads were icy 2) the roads were snowy 3) if it was too cold, etc. etc.  So I think I started believing that I wasn't even going to to do it at all.  So you can see that I was totally unprepared for the race.  Totally.  Actually I was probably making myself sick over thinking about it over the last few weeks.

Well race week came.  I decided I wasn't going to even attempt a pre-race run because my foot was really bothering me (from the burpee challenge).  It was flaring up my plantar facitis and causing other issues to that foot as well.  So I thought it would be best to just do what I could during the race.  A few of us decided Thursday afternoon to look for a hotel room because we kept hearing about how bad it was to get into downtown, park and get to the race on time.  That actually made me a bit more excited... but still had the attitude that I was going to walk the majority of it.

left to right:  Amanda, Kara, Jackie, Me and Sarah
Us girls were joking about just running at least two minutes and then walk the rest.  But.  There was one of us that was like no, we are doing this.  We are running.  Then another gal got on board.  The other gal and I were like, well I guess it's you and I doing this together.  Kind of joking - but I think in the back of both of our minds we were thinking "we'll do what we can and that'll be good enough."

We all started out together.  It was cold, 10 degrees (or something like that).  We stood outside for probably a good 20 minutes before we got to the start line.  I did my zumba in line to get myself warmed up.  I was cold and miserable, so I needed something to heat me up.  The race started.  Kara ran ahead of us because she's a big time runner and really good!  Amanda and Jackie basically pulled out ahead of Sarah and I right away.  I never saw them again after about 2 minutes of running.  Sarah and I stuck together the whole time.

If you don't know what 7k is, it's 4.35 miles.  Longest run I've ever attempted.  I stopped once quick to grab water... walked up a half of a bridge and the rest (THE REST) I ran.  I basically ran the WHOLE thing.  As did Amanda, Jackie and Sarah.  Sarah and I crossed the finish line together.  It felt great.  I don't think we could have been more proud of ourselves!  Our time was 58:15.  I've never run that long or that far in my life.  In fact a year ago, I could have said I've never run in my life (on purpose).

Amanda and Jackie were 3 minutes ahead of us in their time...  not too shabby for 4 girls who didn't train a ton for a race!!!

It feels good.  I am proud... and now will be meeting with the foot doctor on the 31st because my foot is in sad shape.  I'm not sure what activity I can commit to this week or next (until I see the doctor).  I'm icing my foot a few times a day and will figure out what I can do to get some sort of work out in.  Maybe this is where I start my weight lifting again (I need to do that anyway).

I did lose weight this week - 1.2  I'm down 84.2 lbs now.  I'm not eating the greatest, so I don't feel the greatest and hoping to totally re-focus my food intake especially since my work outs need to be adjusted for now.

Take care and I wish you well this week... I hope you're proud of me too (and the other girls and runners).

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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  1. Very proud of you. You rocked it! Congrats!!!