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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Debby-Downer No More!!!

Last week we went on a mini-vaca up north (WTF were we thinking, it's freaking COLDER up there.  It was -24 below [actual temp without windchill] every day we were there) to go ice fishing.  While most of us caught fish, I ended up drinking and eating because I was not one of those catching fish.  I am up 2.4 lbs this week (ugh... my own fault) - I did not meet my goal of staying the same for the week.

While that part is bad, I DO have a good update.  I've been back to Zumba AND I'm doing the burpee challenge.  I didn't have appropriate shoes while we were up north (can't believe I didn't think about it because I was determined to do them up there) and I can't do it without shoes on because my feet are so bad.  In fact, it hurts my feet even with shoes on... but I'm doing this! We got home Monday and I had too much to do so I didn't do them either.  But Tuesday (after Zumba) I did day 2-6.  I'm on Day 8 today.  Every part of my body is S.O.R.E.

On another note:

I know I've been a debby-downer for a while now... I'm trying to snap out of it, but it's really hard.  I have been eating good for a few days and bad for most of the others.  My vacations are over now.  All of my excuses for splurging are gone until April 9.  Time to kick some ass!

I am committing to this:  I will hit my 100# by April 10.  I have 5 weeks to get this weight off.  I have 16.6 lbs to get off to hit this number.  That means I need to lose about 3.3 lbs a week.  I need to keep in my head that this can be done - I know it's a hefty goal!

Today marks the start of my goal.  I'm going to do it!

I can't wait to be Healthfully Ever After!

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