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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Two Year Anniversary

Well hello there... I'm happy to "see" you're reading my blog.  Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it, but I do know some of you out there do like to read it.  Some expect it.  And some, well they read it if they have time and it happens to come up on their Facebook feed when they're scrolling through.  Either way I'm cool with it.

Today marks my two year anniversary of being on Weight Watchers.  I've lost a total of 83 lbs in two years (at one point I was at 96 lbs lost... but I've been on quite the cycle lately).  A year ago I was down 78.4 lbs... so over the last year I've only netted a weight loss of 4.6 lbs.  So those of you that get discouraged of losing only .2 or staying the same, know that we all struggle.  All.Of.Us.  I'm actually pretty proud that I've managed to lose some in the last year... way better than gaining some (or all back).

So... onto the week.  This week was interesting.  I made some really great decisions and didn't do so well on two days... which is WAY better than I've been doing.

What I'm most proud of is that on two occasions I decided to wait until we got home to eat versus picking a restaurant to go to.  I was starving on both of these days, one Saturday and one Sunday.  I chose to wait until I got home because I knew that if we went to a restaurant, then I would pick something I shouldn't have (and we had pre-made food at home that I knew the point count).  One of the two days I actually made myself sick because I didn't eat "on-time".  I get sick and/or a migraine if I wait too long to eat.  It's weird because it's not a specific number of hours, I just know enough now that when I get the "feeling" I know I need to eat NOW.

I'm also proud that I'm still doing the burpee challenge.  I'm sure that I could be doing them better, but I'm able to do them my way.  Which is with the jump up, but no push up.  I'm sure my legs could go out further than they do sometimes, but I know I'm doing better with doing them the way I'm doing them than not at all.  Am I right???  (as long as I don't hurt myself of course)

I am continuing to go to Zumba.  Work is still very stressful so one of the days I had planned on going, I couldn't because I ended up working that night instead.  I was mad and feeling sorry for myself so that's one of the nights that I did terribly (Tuesday).

The other day I didn't do well was Saturday evening.  I went to the movies and had popcorn (a medium) and some reeces pieces and junior mints (this was all by myself).  The good news is that I didn't choose to eat the movie sized candies, they were the regular sized.

So I was negative this week, by plenty.  But, I've been much worse.  In fact I'm super proud of my lunch one day.  I hated what I brought for work... it was like the 5th day I had to eat it.  So I tossed it because it didn't taste good anymore.  So I ate an orange, some cucumbers and then contemplated going to our lunch room and getting their special (which was a buttery club sandwich with pasta salad).  I really wanted my friends lunch (she even offered half to me, probably because as she ate it - I sat there drooling), she had Erbert's & Gerberts Flash Sandwich.  I kept saying no I didn't want her sandwich and was thinking of what I could eat because I know I was going to get hungry.  All of a sudden I remembered I had cream of wheat at my desk. I made and ate that.  It was just fine to help tide me over until snack time (yogurt and almonds).

So I'd say this week was a total win!

I gained .2 this week.  Not sure why... no answers or excuses this week.  In general I did WAY better than I have been.  So I guess it's just not my week.  I'm losing the same 15 lbs again, so of course I'm angry at myself about that but seriously... at least I'm back on track.  Thinking about what I need for me and making it happen 95% of the time!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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  1. Thanks for keeping the blog going. Always motivating to read about the victories and mutual struggles. Have fun Saturday!