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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Challenging Week!!!

I knew this would be a hard week.  I had my mom here for the weekend - we tried to be good but there were several hiccups in that plan.  Also, as I've said in the past when I've had a few days of mess up - it's hard to get myself back in check.  I tried hard, but dang - this isn't easy!

I lost 2lbs this week (kinda surprised)... I can say I worked out almost every day - but I didn't get all the activity points that I have in the last few weeks.  The only thing I can think of is maybe all my hard work and exercise from last week has come to pay me back this week.  My grand total is now 86.8!!

Mothers Day compare picture.

What were my challenges this week?
- Saturday/Sunday:  movie popcorn (went to two movies, had popcorn both times)
- Sunday --  mothers day buffet (UGH)
- Monday - couldn't get full :(
- Tuesday -- went over my points a bit, but more or less in check
- Wednesday -- MUCH better... but it's always easier to be good the day before weigh in

---> basically keeping my points in check each day... went over most days (all but 1 day)

The activity I accomplished this past week was:
- water aerobics: Thursday, Saturday, Monday (was in some pain so took it a bit easy) and Tuesday
- running:  Friday - 2.27 miles, Sunday 3.1 miles and Wednesday 2 miles  (horrible horrible run, ran too fast, hot over heated had to walk three times [cried like a baby because I walked] ... but the good of it was mile was was an 11 minute mile (too fast but fun to see) and mile 2 was 12:58 (great for walking 3 times))

I earned 29 activity points (earned 39 last week) and I used all those points up in food plus all my weekly and was negative about 65 in my weekly.  So as you can see - last week must have paid off this week!  So remember that when you're feeling down when you worked your ass off and you don't see it on the scale that week!

Since my run is coming up on Saturday (very very excited!!!)... I've started to think about my next challenge.  I've also challenged my Facebook followers to think about and declare (tomorrow) what their challenge will be.  We are doing a three week (21 day) work out challenge.  The rules are:
  1. Choose a challenge that will be hard to for you to do, but attainable.
  2. You must work out a minimum of 3x per week (preferable 3-5)
  3. Measure and/or weigh yourself
  4. Report in 1-2 times per week on progress
  5. Report end results (at the end of the challenge)
At least one lucky winner will get "something" for completing the challenge.  (ps... it may take a while for me to get the item, but at least one person will for sure receive something).

Wanna join?  Check out my facebook group page and sign up tomorrow when I post 'What is your challenge going to be?'

Need idea's for work outs?  Check out my Pinterest board I Work Out.

My challenge will be... VERY DIFFICULT.  I'm going to start the Insanity work outs - which is a 60 day challenge working out 6 x / week.  YIKES.  My husband is doing it right now... it sounds hard (he's really strong and is very challenged doing the work out).

Note: I get nothing for you clicking on these links or purchasing anything... just wanted to give you some ideas :)

Well good luck to you this week... and really think about joining this challenge.  If nothing else, you've committed to making yourself move and get active.  That counts for everything right?!!!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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