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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Not without effort!

I had a great week, I tried really really hard to lose that .2 to get me to my next goal.  Sadly I didn't make it, but honestly I'm happy with my results regardless.  I stayed exactly the same, I even popped on over to another scale to make SURE that it was right.  I knew it was going to be one of three results... either I'd lose that .2, gain that .2 OR stay the same.  I got the second best result I could get.  So I'm still at 84.8 lbs gone.

What did I do this week to stay motivated?  Well I had a few off days where I was really hungry and I did end up going over my points.  I had a great week of activity - 39 activity points this week.  I ate them all.  Last week I had 36 and I ate 34 of them and didn't touch my "extra" 49 points.  I didn't do that this week - I actually used all but 10 of the "extras" along with my activity points as I said.  So, I'm not surprised I stayed the same, but like I said I'm ok with that.

My activity this week consisted of:
- running: I ran Thursday (28 minutes), Saturday (30 minutes), Sunday (I actually did a 5k by myself this sunday... I proved I could do it.  I wanted to test out the course that I'm running on the 18th.  I ran for 40 minutes (and change) straight.) AND Monday (I went back to interval training because I completed my couch to 5k program - so I only ran 16 minutes on Monday)
- water aerobics:  I did water aerobics on Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday (had to miss Monday because I took a CPR class)
- walked:  Monday (just under 1 hour, a little over 2.5 miles) and Wednesday (about a mile and a half for 30 minutes)

So as you can see, I tried hard to stay active.  I feel very successful this week even though I stayed the same... I kept to my working out commitments and fit in work outs on Monday and Wednesday when I was busy at night.  I walked between work and my CPR class on Monday and one of my bestie's and I walked our work parking lot during lunch yesterday because we needed the activity.

So even though I stayed the same, it was NOT without effort.  It's important to keep that in mind when you stay the same or even gain sometimes... it's going to happen.  There's sometimes NO logical reason for it.  Keep your chin up and keep working hard.  IT WILL PAY OFF!

This week/weekend will be hard for many of us.  So make sure you have a plan going into the weekend.  My mom is coming to stay Fri-Sun and we're both watching what we eat, however it will still be hard because we're always on the go.  We will be brunching on Sunday and following that up with movie (and popcorn as always)... so I need to be on track ALL the other days.   Sunday I will let myself eat whatever I want, but will make sure I don't feel sick after eating (meaning get too full).

I will be doing water aerobics tonight, saturday morning, monday and tuesday.  I will be getting a minimum of 3 runs in before Saturday and my 5k is on Saturday... wish me luck!!!  So I'll have plenty of exercise to make up for that brunch.  No excuses!!!

What will you do to help you through the weekend?

I'm hoping to have a surprise for you guys in the next few weeks... I've asked several of my visually healthy (thin) friends to write down what they eat for 1-2 weeks.  I think I got 4 - 5 of them to actually do it.  So I'm going to talk about their profile and how each one of them eats - it has to be anonymous and many of my readers know each other so I won't be describing them too much so I don't give it away.  But it should be interesting and I can't wait to analyze the data!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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