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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Post-Insanity Results

Over the last 63 days (as of Friday 11/11) I was doing the Beach Body Insanity program.  It's a very intense work out, typically for those that are in much better shape than I am.  In the beginning it said not to do the work out program if you have a bad back or knees.  I have both of those things, but decided I will see how it goes and modify as needed.

I needed to modify A LOT.  Normally, I would have probably quit because it was way above my level.  However, the results were as insane as the work out.  After the first 4 days I had lost over 4 lbs.  So I decided I'll stick to it... plus my husband was also doing it.  I'm super competitive so if he wasn't going to quit there was no way in HELL that I would either.

I've posted a couple of times over the last 63 days about it so you knew that I was getting results if you read my last two blogs.

In 63 days I lost just over 25 pounds.  Along with the work out, I was counting my points as well.  I was not perfect, meaning on the weekends or long weekends I was off track, but I still tracked.  So I knew how bad I was doing, but as soon as that weekend or vacation time was over I'd get right back on track.

So, I do think back and wonder how much better I would have done if I didn't go off track.  But I can't change what I did,nor do I want to.  I'm very happy with my results and I didn't deprive myself at all while I was doing it.

I'm amazed at how strong I feel... and some of the pain I'm in because of it :)  But I'm ready to start my next program.  I will be going to NYC with some girlfriends this week so I won't be able to work out like I was for 5 days... so in the time I have before I leave I will be filling in work outs with Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred.  When I get back, I will begin the 21 Day Fix Extreme work out program (it's another Beach Body product).  That's 21 days in a row of working out (I think, I need to look it up) and they also have a food program that they want you to follow... but I'll stick with Weight Watchers because I know how to work it and that it works for me when I work the program.

I'm on my way to being back on track... I have goals set through next November.  I'm pretty determined... you probably know that if you've read my blog all alone.  But I can get lost as I did for the last two years.  For now, I feel like I'm in full control and it feels amazing.  I don't see myself straying in the near future and that's what I'm focusing on right now.  I know that goal setting works for me - so I'm continuing down that path.

Thanks for taking the time to read - I really do appreciate it.  If you have tips to share or questions - feel free to ask and share.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!