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Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year Goal - Get Back On Track

Well it's been a month since my last update... I've been a very busy little girl.

Week ending 12/9:
I finished the 21 Day Fix Extreme videos like a boss!  It felt great to complete yet another set of difficult videos.  The end result after 3 weeks was 5lbs and so much strength.  I totally could have lost more but I wasn't tracking well and was eating bad here and there (more there than there).

Week ending 12/16:
After finishing up those videos I started Jillian Michaels for a few days and wasn't really into it.  So I decided to pull out videos that I've owned for 2 or 3 years but never really did them... Rockin Body - another Beach Body product.  I started just before the kids came home for Christmas... so the first two days they were here I still did the work out.

Week ending 12/23
When the kids were here we decided that the first couple of days that they were here we wanted to go up north for a few days.  So we headed to Duluth...  IN THE WINTER.  I started to panic because I really didn't have a plan for us other than mentioning going to Bentleyville to see the lights (they were awesome -- but not something you spend more than 2-3 hours at unless it's really busy) and maybe doing some hiking.

I've never hiked.

Not sure why I thought that's what we'd do.  I don't have anything to wear including the appropriate footwear.  Regardless we packed up all the winter gear we had and headed up to do some hiking.  We went to Gooseberry Falls State Park and did some hiking.  It was actually a great day to hike, it was 26 degrees... a little windy so sometimes chilly but overall perfect weather.

It was probably one of the best times we've had.  The kids loved it as did my husband and I.  We decided that every year the come home for Christmas (every other year as their mom lives elsewhere) that we'd take a couple of days and hike (try out some new places).  They said that should definitely become our tradition!  GREAT IDEA

The next day we hit the Jay Cooke State Park for some more hiking.  OH MY GOSH it was a warm day with no wind (warm being 34 degrees).  I was hot and sweaty.  The trails were groomed but not used... so it was like walking on a beach because there was about a 2" dusting of snow the night before.  Again, I loved it but it was soooooo hard! I wasn't going to be the one to say I was done... but was soooo happy to be done once the others decided they had enough.

After that we had a few days before Christmas where we went shopping and kept busy.  I didn't take the time to track nor was I eating the best.  I did say to myself "I sure hope I can get back on track after being so lax."

I weighed in that week and had gained .6 lbs -- couldn't believe it after all the hiking we did, but like I said I was eating what I wanted and also had some beer :)  Plenty-o-beer!

Week ending 12/30:
Then Christmas came and went, I ate what I wanted.  I wasn't exercising (I hadn't exercised since we hiked).  I wasn't feeling healthy, strong or full of energy.  I was sad that our daughter had to leave us as I hadn't had enought time with her, we were having such a good time.  Then our son went to spend time with his friends for a few days and to celebrate New Years Eve with them (wouldn't expect anything different really).  I was sad... but realized I can't be.  This is life and they are not going to stay - for goodness sakes they are 22/25 years old now.  They are adults.

On a positive note, I was so pumped from hiking that I went and bought myself some hiking boots and poles.  Can't wait to get back out there... goal is to do that soon just not when it's below zero.

Jan 1 hits:
I feel like crap.  I know I need to exercise.  I hadn't really gained, but wasn't losing either... just not feeling good about myself.  I knew I needed to get back on track - so I had to start back up on my Rockin Body routine as it's a 4 week program.  I'm so glad I did.  I'm still trying to get back into logging EVERYTHING but I'm trying.

By the time I weighed in this week I had lost what I had gained AND then some.  I'm so glad I'm getting myself back on track.  This was my goal.  I'm making it happen!

Since september I've lost 33.4 lbs. My total weight loss since joining in March 2012 is 59 lbs.

I'm setting goals not resolutions for the New Year... first goal get back on track.  Second goal - go hiking by the end of January.  Third goal - finish Rockin Body.  Fourth goal - set my next work out program before I finish Rockin Body.  Fifth goal - set new goals.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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