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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Post Holiday Confession

I was out of control.  OUT OF CONTROL I say.  I did not meet my goal, in fact I gained 10 lbs over the holiday season.

I'm fighting to get it off now.

I am not fond of the new program at all and am really struggling to suck it up and move on.  Because without it, I know I'll continue to gain.  I keep saying I'm going to try it and then I start tracking and get discouraged that many of the things I used to eat have doubled in points.  What makes me upset is IF (I mean IF) I followed plan before, I totally lost weight.  So I don't understand why such a big change to the program.

Weight Watchers used to be about eating what you want and just making yourself accountable for them.  And I feel now, it's just really difficult because those indulgences are just outrageous now whereas before they were just where you had to think "ok is this really worth it."

I think that Weight Watchers should have eased into this big of a change over time instead of BAM! here's the new way.

Regardless, I need to figure out what my next moves are.  I'm not so sure I know what that is at the present moment, but I best figure it out soon.  I need to get my added weight off and it's now a significant amount I need to re-lose... so there's a lot I need to be doing right now.

Over the next week, I will be trying to figure out what it is I want, what I can handle and what I'm going to do to make this work for me.

On a good note, I went to an all inclusive week long getaway last week and came back with losing 2 lbs.  I ate and drank what I wanted to but we did move around quite a bit.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!