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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Making myself a priority!

Well, I lost what I gained last week.  So that's good.  I know I made some better choices and was trying to stay a little more concious of what I was doing for the week.  But I didn't track at all.  My goal for this week is to track a minimum of 4 days.  I know I can do that, hell I know I can do all 7 but lets start small so we can make ourselves feel better.

Unfortunately I feel like I'm getting sick... that may be a plus and help me lose weight though.  ha ha!

This past 7 days has been a whirl wind... we got an offer on our house (finally and it was decent AND we took it), we made an offer on a house (I knew the one I wanted and glad I didn't miss out on this one, but the people were very unreasonable OR their Realtor is just an idiot or doesn't know what he's doing yet -- very young, unprofessional and in my opinion lazy and "spoke" for his clients when he shouldn't have... my poor realtor)... we did finally come to an agreement.  Inspections have been done on both houses... both came out well.  Almost all my loan documentation is done (yay!)...

and now the packing begins... We close in a month and 10-ish days.  So we have time, but we have a lot of stuff and both have separate vacations we're going on.  So that's a week gone for both of us... so we basically have a month to pack and plan how we're going to move our stuff. (I'm working on that right now)

Anyway - I am less stressed (kind of) and should be able to pack, go to the gym and make myself a priority and eat healthier.  That is my goal for this week.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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  1. Congrats on the house offers and the new house!!! So happy for you darling! Where are you moving to??? And, I think with as much stuff going on, setting good, realistic and attainable goals is brilliant! Four days of tracking just seems like a breeze, right? :) Love you - weigh to go this week! and PS - I hope you are not getting sick because being sick sucks. <3