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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Holiday get you down?

Did the holiday get you down?  Me too!  But honestly, I had a great weekend/week so I'm a happy girl... plus I got my period this week so if you're a woman - you know that control is tough when that is happening.

What are the good things I did this week?  Well... we went away for the weekend and I went to the grocery store and while I bought hamburgers (80/20), regular buns and chips... I also bought fresh veggies (cut them up and brought them), yogurt ranch dip and strawberries.  I also ate that stuff along with the other food.  I was also pretty controlled on the bad foods too.

When I got back from the weekend I slipped more than when I was away... but still made and ate salads, thai basil chicken and taco's.  So there are definitely things I did well and for that I'm proud of myself.

Next week - more of the same.  I will need more fresh veggies and fruit and need to keep making dinners versus going out.

I still haven't gotten to the gym.  Although I think about it daily, I'm just not getting there.  I'm feeling a little OCD with keeping my house at tip top shape in case we get any requests for showings.  They have not been happening.  Anyway - I do plan on getting back to the gym.  I will get my 8 in for the month!  I will.

Results from the week?  I gained 1.4 (but guessing 1 of that, at least, is due to having my period).

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully After After.

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