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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Good Choices

So this week, less activity as we were pretty much done prepping... like 1/2 the activity.  BUT with that said, I needed to be more aware of what I was eating.  We ate out quite a bit and while I didn't always make the best choices, I counted everything and made adjustments where I could...

Like I ordered grilled chicken, a burger with no bun, no fries, egg white delight vs. regular, etc.

So just like last week - progress is progress!!!

NOW, I need to get my butt to that gym.  A goal for next week perhaps?  Up until June, I earned my $20 back from our health provider.  June was total prep month and there just wasn't time for it all and to be honest with all the work we did around the house, I felt like that was plenty.

July is a new month and I'll be back to getting my 8 in... before all the "selling" activity happens. Man, I hope we sell fast!  We have a great home, but it's not for everyone.  We need a guy that needs a huge garage, but doesn't want the acreage that usually goes with it.  Less maintenance :)  Have I sold you on it, LOL I kid.

Anyway - I am almost down to the weight I was when we returned from our trip to Denmark and Italy.  That is a great thing!  I'm basically down 20 lbs since January.  It's not a lot, but at the rate I was gaining it is great progress.

I lost 1 lbs this week (6.5 over the last 3 weeks) and will continue my good choices through out the following weeks to come.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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