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Thursday, February 26, 2015

On Triggity Track!

I am ON FIRE right now.  I don't even care what the scale says this week!  I feel great and will continue to do what I'm doing (well, except for Saturday/Sunday this weekend... a little college reunion going on).

So, let me tell you about my week.

Food.  On point.  Literally so on point that I didn't even use any extra points this week and only ONE of my 27 activity points I earned.  Now, to be fair, I didn't eat out at all this past week and that totally helps.  I had nothing going on with friends (other than one lunch out, where I ordered a plain 'ol chicken salad) and we didn't really do anything or go anywhere over the weekend.  Other than to the gym.

Which leads me to the gym.  I am attempting to mix it up between the bike and the treadmill like I did the week before.  I like the bike because all I have to do is sit there and watch my show (I'm onto season 4 of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" -- terrible show if you don't like slap-stick comedy).  The treadmill is much harder to do that because there's only two treadmills in the gym where they are setup well enough for my phone to be at a normal eye level for watching the screen.  Otherwise, I just listen and look down every once and a while.

The most exciting thing for me this week is that I branched out and went over to the weight machines.  Now, you must know - I dislike weight lifting (at first).  Part of that is that I'm scared because I don't remember how all the machines work (I know that free weights are the way to go but shit if I can't even do them on machines, you think I have any clue how to do things with free weights???) and the people on that side are intimidating... and they stare at you.  Or maybe it's me staring at them... trying to see how this all works.

Regardless... THIS is a huge non-scale victory for me.

The hard part though is that when I do weights, I don't want to do cardio too (meaning on the same night).  Therefore my "steps" suffer as do my activity points earned from my ActiveLink.  So, that's a bit stressful to me as I like to see things quantified.  I like earning those points, it's very much a motivator for me.  With my Fitbit and the steps I get from that... also very much a motivator as I can compare my steps to others... and prior to this renewed sense of "take care of me" I was down in the bottom 20+ people and now I've been #1 or #2.  I like being up there.  I am a super competitive person.  Like terribly competitive (you know that if you know me personally).

Anyway - I feel like a rock star.

The scale was good to me as well.  Of course it's hard to follow up a week where you lost 3.2 lbs... so I'm very happy with my 2 lb loss.  I am going in the right direction.  Lets just hope I don't go too hog wild while I'm away this weekend and that I can pick myself back up and get right back on that horse as soon as I walk in the door on Sunday.  I hope that you too have found a way to either stay on track (if you have been) or get yourself a renewed sense of "take care of you" time!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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