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Thursday, April 24, 2014

I can do this!

I am not embarrassed of my week this week.  Which, it's been a long time since I could say that.  Now, that's not saying I didn't go way over my points or got all my exercise in... I didn't.  I was over my points for the week by 92 points (that's basically three extra days of food for me... just under) and I only got one walk and one bike ride in this week.

I went for a walk on Easter (totally sluggish walk after what I ate), probably the worst walk (as in how I felt) but felt soooooo good to be outside and I think in the end, really helped me for the rest of my week.  I wanted to go to the gym that day but I didn't get home in time before they'd close.

I went to the gym Tuesday night and rode the bike for 21 miles / 60 minutes.  I do not enjoy the bike at all.  BUT I was proud to have gotten something else in for exercise.

With regarding my points... I'm not sweating it.  Even though I really wanted to try to stay within my points, it just wasn't in the cards for me.  I can say though, that my candy intake was down (at least at work) this week.  That's huge.  I have a really hard time with all the Easter candy my group has available.  I kept indulging and I couldn't stop once I started.  Wednesday was a huge victory for me because, although it was there, I did NOT eat any candy.  Now that I've got that under my belt, I hope I can continue that.

I'm going to shoot for the same goals basically next week... I need to eat less.  Period.  There's no question about that.  BUT I also need to get myself back to the gym OR outside walking (when the weather cooperates).  My goal for this week is 4 work outs!  I can do this.  I can!  I know I can.  I know you know I can.  LOL

My results this week:  a loss of 2.6 lbs.  Whew.  I feel super sluggish as I've put on 15 lbs (now that I took 2 off) and my jeans are tight.  I don't want that.  I want my clothes to feel good again.  I've got a lot of tighter fitting shirts in my closet for spring/summer that I wore last year.  That I need to wear this year.  I have my goals, I need to make myself meet them!  Are ya with me?  Are ya?

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's all ME!

As always, I ate like shit at scrapbooking.  It's always my fault and I know it when I'm doing it.  And as always it's hard to get back on the bandwagon after I get back.  I have yet to do so... so it's been one week of eating like pure crap.  I feel like crap.  I know what I need to do.  I'm not doing it.

While at scrapping I threw out my back (well kinda)... I popped a rib out twisting somehow.  I ended up having to go to the chiropractor Friday afternoon and continuing it at least into this week.  I'm all sort of out of wack, it's not just my back.  They have adjusted both wrists, shoulders, ankles, hips, my neck and back.  My back and abdominal muscles are hating me, they spasm all day long.  It hurts.

Hence I haven't really worked out at all in a week either.  I took two walks in the last week and that's it.  So... you know what I'm going to say next right?  I gained 5 lbs.  It sucks.  I feel terrible.  I'm not happy with myself about it.  But, all I can do is get back on the wagon.  This shit isn't going to fix itself.

It's time I get my shit together or I'm going to be very sorry!   Working out is up in the air until I have my xrays read... I need to figure out what I can/can't do right now.  So, this week.  I'm back to tracking and seriously going to focus on staying within my points (and within the extras).

I need to do this for me!

Good luck to you this week.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I got Costco'd

My emotions this week are totally mixed.  I exceeded my fitness goals and was happy doing so.  I got my weight lifting work outs in, my biking in (did an extra 15 minutes) and my extra extra work out was a 4 mile walk.  Which I enjoyed very much.  One week ago today we had a snow storm, 8-10 inches of snow fell.  As of yesterday ALL of our winter snow is gone!  People are outside walking, smiling and just looking healthy and happy.

I left yesterday (Wednesday) for my scrapbooking retreat that I do 3 times a year.  January, April and October.  Up until Tuesday my food was pretty much in check.  I was down over a pound.  I felt great... BUT then 4:00 p.m. Tuesday came.  I don't know what it is, but when I am "on vacation" I go into major vacation mode which means FOOD.

It's all I can think about.  Treats, treats, treats.  It first started out by getting "costco'd".  If you don't know what that means, it means I went through Costco during sample time.  Oh. My. Gawd.  They had great samples.  A few of the samples I had, I've actually bought the product before so I know what they tasted like.  Samples are supposed to be for things you haven't had and should tempt you to buy and try.  I went by one sample booth 3 times.  WTF!!!  I ended up buying it.  It was a greek yogurt jalapeno artichoke dip (awesome).  I still don't know the points for it, but it is fantastic.  Of dips, it's on the lower end.  I also bought the crackers to go with it.  They are gluten free after-all LOL.  I aslo bought another snack I shouldn't have and ate that for dinner followed by a blizzard (medium).

Other than that and some candy at work that I counted, I did well for food choices.  My weight loss this week was ZERO.  I stayed the same.  I guess that's better than gaining, but I truly thought I would lose at least one pound.  So I'm a little upset about it.  Not enough to totally throw me off, but I am scrapbooking... which means that there's shit food galore around.  I have a hard time saying no to the goodies.

I'm going to try my hardest to keep in check.  We'll see how it goes.  In the mean time, my fitness goals remain the same this week... 2 hours of bike and 2 days of weights.  I may try to fit in 3 days of weights because I'd like to start a leg routine.  But with being away until Sunday, that may not happen this week and may be a more attainable goal for next week.

Wish me luck as I wish you luck to be healthy and happy this week!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Foot Sucks

So last week I talked about how much my foot hurt and that I met with a Podiatrist (and a Physician in training).  They told me to have an MRI done and then meet with the Dr. to discuss my results.  Well I did that on Tuesday.  I found out that I do not have tendon issues NOR a stress fracture.  What I have is early stage of Arthritis.  Where the arthritis is (where he thought I may have a stress fracture) is not a place where bones can be fused, these bones must be mobile.  So my options for treatment are 1) to try out orthotics to see if they can help 2) take an anti-inflammatory, but not more often than 2 / week and finally 3) steroid injection (if I can't manage the pain occasionally).  What does this do to me?  It makes me sad, feel sorry for myself and PISSED.  PISSED as hell.  WTF, I'm just adding to the list of areas where I have arthritis.  I already have it in my knees and hand (self diagnosed).

With those feelings comes the want to eat... eat to mask my feelings.  Well we all know that's not going to help.  Tuesday was the best day I had for food.  I had to work really hard not to eat my way through the day, but I was successful.  In fact, my husband and I went to the gym together and worked out (instead of sitting at home like I wanted to and feel sorry for myself).

Basically I just need to do exercises that don't hurt / irritate my foot.  Well there's not much that doesn't irritate it right now.  Even the biking irritates it... BUT I'm working through the pain and icing it afterwards.

I will probably rest it yet another week before I attempt to run or zumba... maybe even longer.  The doctor did not say that I had to stop those activities but basically in a matter of words said to make good decisions - because it's not going to be healed or go away.  It may not hurt all the time, but I need to be careful not to irritate it.

My foot this week sucked, yet again.  I made some good decisions and did some things well, but then others just blew it out of the water.  I can contain myself for a good part of the day and then BAM!  I binge.  It sucks.  I could be doing so well if I could just get that in check, because my exercise is on point.

I met all my exercise goals this week... 2 days (1 hour each) on the bike and 2 days weight lifting.  I don't like doing either of them... but I can tell (already) that the weights will be good for me.  I just need to force myself to do it.

My goals for this coming week is the same as last, but to try to focus more on my food.  I don't want to be -107 points again, like I was this week (and even more negative the week before). My weight loss results this week... I lost 1.2 lbs.

I'm going to shoot for being half that negative... so -50.  Maybe baby-steps of getting that in check will help me get back on track altogether.

I can't wait to be Healthfully Ever After!