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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Clean Eating with Weight Watchers

So last week I signed up to start a 7 day clean eating challenge.  The person who started it provides a grocery list for you for the week and then each day (the day before) posts the meal plan for you.  Now, I'm a rule follower so this works well for me.  BUT I am also a planner.  While the grocery list is great to get, I would like to have the week full of meal planning.  I'm not sure though, if I were to get that, would I follow so completely as I have been.

The grocery shopping happened Sunday.  The eating started Monday.  The eating is basically eating foods in their most raw form (prior to cooking of course).

Before I started on Monday... I think I was feeling just as we all felt the day before you knew you were going to start weight watchers.  "OMG I need to eat everything now, because Monday I'm not going to be able to eat anything anymore."

Well we all know how silly that is, but I'm guessing most of you can relate.

So anyway - clean eating.  At first I was just going to follow her plan and not track my food, but then I got really curious.  So I tracked.  I get 34 points a day (I've gained some because at one point I was down to 30 I think).  Day 1 - I was dead on the 34 points.  Day 2 - 1 point under.  Day 3 - I added some extra foods, but will be 7 points under.

Her meal plan is a suggestion and I see many of the folks adding to their meals and if I were to eat the oatmeal with nuts - I'd probably be much less under.  But instead I chose to make the 2 egg, 2 egg white omlette with 1/2 c of black beans and spinach.  7 points.  I was full for HOURS.  I ate that at 8:30 am.  A snack at 10:30 (wasn't all that hungry)... which was 3/4 c 0 fat greek yogurt, with strawberries and honey.  Then at 1:30 I finally ate lunch (wasn't that hungry again) and that was chicken stew with corn, black beans and salsa.  I added avocado to it to give it some fat and flavor.

How do I feel eating this way?  Well, I have many feelings.  1) I'm not hungry at all 2) I'm surprised 3) I feel great (besides being sick) 4) I realized that I'm eating how I did (basically) when I was in my honeymoon phase of WW.  So, really it's a lot like most of us eat when we're ON PLAN... if you're a WW (most of you are or have been - that's how you even know about my blog).

So would I recommend it?  HELL YES

What were my results?  Well they are A-typical.  For a few reasons... 1) I ate a lot of salty bad foods leading up to Monday.  2) I got my period Saturday and it was gone by Wednesday - water weight gone.  3) I'm also sick (although I'm making myself eat what is suggested)... but my results are:

- if you compare from last Thursday to this Thursday I've lost 4 lbs
- if you compare from where I was when I stepped on the scale on Monday to this Thursday - I've lost 8 lbs

Again, my results are skewed due to the reasons I listed... so had I been eating like this all along and not gone way overboard before - I probably would have dropped 1-3 lbs this week.  Regardless... I'm going to continue... because I feel great and I'm loving the food I'm making AND this is the kick/change I needed - to be able to still count points but eat clean.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!


  1. can you give a link to the 7 day clean eating challenge?

  2. Holly - it's a private group on Facebook that ends Sunday night. But here's one that starts monday. You have to look for the shopping list in the feed unless she reposts again and this group will be closed I think tomorrow so you have to join the event to get the rest of the meal planning.

    But here's the link:

  3. tying it again... it's pasting well.

  4. So happy for you... it's peaking my interest as well!