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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Wow, is all I have to say.  When I'm off, I'm off.  I did a terrible job this week.  I didn't hardly track at all.  I was in training Thursday and Friday and after training on Friday I headed down to my parents house for the weekend.  My mom is good at feeding me good foods, but I can still find the hidden foods in her house (and dammit I look!)

I got home Sunday afternoon and left again for a business trip Monday night and got home last night.  Not wanting to cook any dinner of course so we went out to dinner.  I was not good, I had that mentality of "well I've already effed up the week, why not tonight too."

So it begins, the downward spiral.  Oh how fast that can happen.

I have not worked out since last Tuesday night.  I have not planned a meal in over a week.  I have no motivation to do either of those things.

I must.

I must.

I must.

Today is my reset / restart.  I am officially back on track.  I hate the fact that I've had to restart so many times in the last 7 months... but at least I'm able to refocus myself.  I have to, I do not want to be back where I was.

I just just need to figure out what it is that will inspire me once again... I know I will.  I just need to push myself.  Food is not worth it.

I'm not sharing my results this week, just know it's bad and I'm sad about it... I'm back to where I was the week before Christmas.  Please pray for me that I get myself refocused and back on track.  I need all I can get right now.  I need to remember how good I feel when I eat right!

Take care and have a great week.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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  1. You can do it, TM! Keep having faith in yourself, and you will succeed. I keep getting close to a certain pounds down, and I seem to falter too...and then play around in that area for a few pounds. The last time I did WW, I got down 21+ pounds...and the figured I was golden to do it alone. And proceeded to pack on 40. It's good to remember from where we came...but not to stare at that picture of ourselves. Hugs to you!!