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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Holding Steady

I've had a great week!!!  Not scale wise but as far as continuing to feel in control and getting back into my routine.
  • I went back to the gym Friday night... Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Oh and Wednesday.  All were Zumba except Sunday, Sunday was Barre class.  
  • I did ok with my points this week except one day I just couldn't get full and was hungry all day. So we hit up Pizza Ranch (not good, well it was... but you know what I mean).  Another day I had a hamburger, waffle fries with seasoned sour cream, beer and ice cream... went out for dinner before the P!nk concert.
    • Used all my exercise points, all of my extra weekly's and 17 more to boot
However, with all the good I've done this week (and having two amazing weeks) comes the bad.  I gained 4.6 lbs this week (total weight loss to date is back down to 90.4 lbs).  If I look at my week I don't see where THAT would come from... but I didn't see where losing 11.4 in two weeks came from either.  Payback is a bitch I guess.

I'm not going to get upset about the gain because I know I didn't do that bad and hopefully the weight will come off this next week.  However, I will admit I'm a little sad.  I keep seeing that 100# coming closer and closer and then jumps away again.  So I am very sad about that.  Not sad enough to blow all my hard work, but just sad.

Getting my appetite back has been quite a challenge for me to stay on track, plus adding back in the work outs is also hard for me because it makes me hungry.  Like I said, I was good and did what I needed to do with my food (for the most part)... but i think after those two weeks of losing over 5lbs each week, my body is all out of wack.

I'm holding steady, but really struggling with what I need to do to switch things up.  I added Barre class (I love/hate this class).  Unfortunately I think I need to cut down on a zumba class or two - but I really don't want to.  I like the two instructors that I go to, but I think in order for me to drop weight I need to exercise a titch less.  That totally bums me out... but it's that mental game.  I know exercising is great for me, but if I want to drop that weight (I do, I really really do) then I need to adjust and work out less.

I'm also thinking about trying to eat clean... or do the new Weight Watchers Simple Start program.  They say it's easier and you don't have to think.  You should do it for two weeks for that jump start.  I worry about doing that for several reasons...
  1. I feel it's more restrictive (even tho they say it's not)
  2. I'm not loving the looks of the meals they suggest doing for the two weeks (I know I can switch it up, but then much more planning has to be done - I don't want to make time for that)
  3. There's no tracking, I know I can still track but if I have to think a bunch about meals and track I feel like I'd fail (I know you won't fail if you really want it bad enough)
  4. I think if I just continue what i'm doing this week, it will show on the scale next week

I don't know.  I'll let you know next week what I decided!  I will commit to this much for this coming week - I'm only going to work out Saturday (Zumba), Sunday (Drums Alive!), Tuesday (Zumba) and Wednesday (Zumba).  I also need to get at least ONE run in... to set my baseline and start training for that damn 7k looming over my head (in just about 2 months).  Well looks like I'm not really cutting much out - Monday Zumba that's all :( and replacing that with running.

Good luck to you this week, remember eating healthy makes you feel so much better!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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