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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Keeping Your Head In the Game

I had a decent week, I wouldn't say I was perfect... but I did much better than the week before.  But before I get into the actual details of my results this week lets talk through my week.

Last Thursday after weigh in I had a doctor appointment. The first thing the doctor said to me was wow you're still losing weight, that's great!!!  I was so happy to hear her say that as she and I have not always seen eye to eye (she's brutally honest but also doesn't like to hear what I have to say as she sees them all as excuses... maybe they were???).  Anyway my visit was about a blood pressure check up.  You see I want to get off my blood pressure medicine and it's been a struggle with her to take me off of it.  I explained to her this time how dizzy I've been when I get up (it's bad and it's often).  But she of course said it's not due to my blood pressure medicine and did a small test on me.  Apparently I have some sort of vertigo and I need to do some exercises for it (I've not been good about doing them yet).  However.. with regards to my blood pressure medicine - slowly but surely over the last year and a half my medicine has been cut down.  From two pills to one, from one pill to half that dose and on this visit... he did agree to halving my dosage again (small victory).

Ok, moving on...

I got in more exercise than the week prior.  I'm doing two 30 day challenges right now - Plank and Guns Buns and Abs.  Both are fairly difficult, however I can put up with a lot for a short amount of time.  Here's a picture of my two challenges:

It's been fun (Yeah right) so far... I'm on day 5 of the plank challenge and day 23 of the Guns Buns and Ab challenge. I've not noticed a lot of inches lost but I have a very soft body so I honestly think I am losing inches but they are just moving down my body instead of tightening so far (if that makes sense).  Plus over this summer I sure haven't lost a lot of weight - but I've mostly kept up with my exercising.  Where I can tell is in my posture, my running, my clothes.

Speaking of running, I hadn't run in almost two weeks due to the heat (I'm not good in heat) but decided to go out Tuesday night and not follow my couch to 5k program but just to see how far and long I could run.  I did a 5k and walked only .09 of the 5k.  My time was 42 minutes (not good really) but I'm satisfied with it.  I'm satisfied because I haven't really kept up with my training (weather and laziness I guess) but I can still do it.  I have a 5k at the end of this month and I'm hoping to get better than 37 minutes.   That would make me very happy.

So, results this week...  I lost .2 lbs.  I'm so struggling with hitting that 95 lb mark and not sure why.  I've been up and down all summer hovering around the 90 lb mark.  I don't know if it's mental or what... but I seriously need to kick it in gear.  I want to be in maintenance mode so badly, but am so so so far from that.  I have 56.2 lbs to go, that's A LOT of weight yet to lose.  I know I can do it, I do try but of course not as hard as I did in the beginning.  I've been struggling with losing points as I've lost weight (go figure).

I'm hoping that as we approach fall, I will be able to fully reset and start hitting these 5# goals out of the park.  Cooler weather means I'll likely be outside more than I was before... whether it be walking or running - I don't care.  I just want to be outside in the fresh air.  I'm also going to be doing more cooking, so that I can just heat up left overs.  That works well for me, so now I need to pull out my tried and true recipes that my husband and I like and cook away!

This past weekend was a holiday weekend but my husband and I kept it pretty low key - so I was lucky in that I wasn't tempted with holiday foods.  This weekend we are in an 8 hour fishing contest, so I'm going to have to plan and pack appropriately so I don't mess up what I did this week (I know one day won't kill me but one day usually turns into more days of being not so great).  I don't mind going over my points and using my extras, so I should be fine... I just have to remember to keep my head in the game.

How do you keep your head in the game?

Have a great week and remember, I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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