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Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Promise!!!

So, this week has been tough.  I'm not exactly sure why but I can guess I may know by next week (if you know what I mean).  I've been super hungry - all.the.time.  I need to let myself be hungry, I know that.  But apparently that's not what my mind wants.  So I've given in a few times this week.

I gained .4 this week, so in the past two weeks I've gained almost 2 lbs - I'm still over 90 lbs gone (barely)!  I'm not sure why I gained last week, but I know why I gained this week.  Regardless, I need to change something.  So what should I change?

I'm still making my salads, eggs and fruit up each week.  But there's something missing, for some reason I'm way more hungry during the day.  I get plenty of protein with my lunch - but it's after lunch.  I can't just have a little snack, I need a snack and then another snack and then another snack.  Then by the time I get home I want dinner. A normal sized dinner - and I'm out of (over) my points.

The one thing I haven't been doing is bringing my almonds.  Maybe I need to bring those back into the mix.  I should probably eat some yogurt too... my snacks have been within 2-4 points, but they are not always the best snacks to have like almond and yogurt.  So that's what I'll do!  No more sweet snacks during the day (I'm not gonna say no more sweet snacks period, because that won't work).

Also - another thing is that I finished up my 30 day work out with Shaun T - Hip Hop Abs on Sunday. ( I seriously recommend it.  It was hard enough, but fun - so it didn't seem so hard.)  I tend to get into this pattern though... once I finish a work out set - I slack off for a few days.   So I started running again (I have a 5k in September I'm running) and thought I'd start right away.  So I ran Sunday... and then didn't do anything Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  NOT.LIKE.ME.  But I needed a break.  I did run today - so that's good and I'll run again either tomorrow or Saturday.  But I will need to work in additional activity - so back to water aerobics tonight!

I can tell you this:
  • I promise that I will figure it out.  
  • I promise I'm not giving up.  
  • I promise that I'm still here to support you and myself.  
  • I promise I will keep going.
  • I promise to give it all I've got!!

Here's to a new week with new adventures and trying to implement the snack changes.  The exercise is a given, I will do that.  That's NOT my problem.  My problem is food.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.


  1. Tabitha, I think the thing you didn't say here is that what you've done and accomplished is not is a way of life. You show so many people how to do this well and "INSPIRE" so many people to do the right thing. Don't ever beat yourself up...just go forward! xo

    1. Thank you very much... I think I know who you are "xo" and miss you very much.

      I agree though, this is not temporary. I will NOT have to lose this weight again - this is my new way of life. I know I look different but the best part is how I FEEL.

      I FEEL so much better when I'm eating healthy. I have mostly still been eating healthy (even though I've gained), I've just been eating more.

      Which is a really good epiphany to have - just because it's healthy eating it still needs to be proportioned.

      Thanks again for your lovely comment!


  2. Hi Tabbi! I am so inspired by you and your blog - thank you, thank you! One thing I forget to do (even after living in Phoenix for 15 years) is to drink plenty of water. It helps curb cravings and just keeps everything flowing. You're exercising a lot and it's summer, so make sure you're staying hydrated. :)

    You are AWESOME and make sure you keep in mind how far you've come. It's easy to get hung up on setbacks, but I know you're in this for life. Keep inspiring!

    xoxo Libby