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Sunday, August 4, 2013

How To Start!!!

I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. from people if I have any advice for those that are just getting started.  And I do have some advice for you/them, and here it goes:

  1. Figure out your plan of attack on how you think you're going to lose the weight or just simply become healthy
    1. Is it going to be a "paid" program - like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Seattle Sutton, etc. (I do Weight Watchers)
    2. Is it going to be on your own
      1. Are you just going to cut down on what you're eating
      2. Are you going to incorporate more healthy foods (make sure to read up on what is healthy vs. not -- I've learned a lot of what I thought was healthy - truly isn't)
      3. Are there foods you're just going to cut out completely
      4. Or a combination of all the above
    3. Are you going to use an app or program to help you through your goal?  Here's a few that I know of:
      1. My Fitness Pal (I use this along with Weight Watchers)
      2. Lose It
      3. Fooducate
      4. Itrackbites
      5. Endomondo
      6. Fitocracy
  2. Implement your plan
    1. Set your goals (start small or you may become overwhelmed)
    2. Set aside time to
      1. Take your measurements (I didn't when I first started... didn't until 5 months in and I totally regret not doing it in the beginning)
      2. Get to know your program
      3. Plan Your Meals
      4. Grocery Shop (this is a MUST)
      5. Make your meals - either ahead of time or during the week... but you need to make them
      6. Plan out your activity
        1. If you're going to use some apps on your phone, I have found these to be totally helpful.

          1. Weight Watchers (if you're a member)
          2. My Fitness Pal
          3. Runtastic (or some other run program that has GPS like map my run or Run Pro)
          4. FitBit (this requires a device - they have a good website AND an app for both android and iphone... *I love my Fitbit!!!*)
          5. Body Track It (tracks measurements and weight loss)
          6. C25K (couch to 5k... I've never run in my life, but ran a 5k this year because of this app -- I'm 39 years old)
          7. Everymove - this is a great app that works with other apps above and tracks activity.  Gives you points and rewards... some cash money (to use to buy other things)
      7. Do the activity
        1. Get some fun new headbands or clothes - OMG this totally works for me!!!
        2. Get some videos, join a gym, use the outdoors, etc.  Or use what you have (the best option)
  3. Choose some anchors and track your progress - many of the apps listed above would track your progress for you.
    1. Grab an old picture of yourself (of what you want to look like or even one that you don't want to look like again) -- I use a progress picture and I have a picture of myself from back in 2001
    2. Get a mantra going -- I use the following "I can and I will" and " when you feel like quitting, think about why you started".  These are both on my screen on my phone that I have to look at everytime I go into my phone (which is about 1000 times a day)
    3. Take those measurements... I don't recommend a weekly measurement... but maybe 1/month.  
      1. Arms (each one)
      2. Legs (each one... calfs and thighs)
      3. Waist
      4. Hips
      5. Shoot, even your wrists and neck (sometimes you just need to see the number go down)
    4. Take pictures of yourself either 1/month or 1/quarter... you will visually see results!
  4. Enjoy the results

Simple, right?  Wrong.  It's easy to follow a plan when you are absolutely into it - I call that the honeymoon period.  It's important to be in the honeymoon period for a while... hopefully you can.  But what's more important is to start slowly (baby steps).  You can't change your life completely in one day!  I mean some of you can, but it's really hard and some people will become so overwhelmed that they end up quitting.

So I'd say while implementing your plan (#2 above) that you first set your goals.  Seriously make them small goals at first.  Then implement the food piece first.  See how much time that takes, it gets less and less every week you become more familiar with whatever you're choosing to do.  Then work on incorporating whatever activity you like.

I like to exercise, so I'm very lucky in that respect.  I love how it makes me feel once I'm done, I do not however always love the act of doing the exercise.  So make sure to pick an exercise that 1) you can do and 2) you will do and 3) you like to do.  Remember to buy something fun to wear so you are excited to exercise :)... My issue right now is headbands (and these aren't all of them).

Remember this is your own journey, so don't compare yourself to anyone else.  You are doing this for you (or I hope you are).  If you start comparing yourself to others, you may get discouraged.  Don't get discouraged... it's a journey not a race.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!

 Here's a bit of before and "so far" of myself for you to chew on!  As you can see this is POSSIBLE and I know I'm worth it!!!

Let's get Healthfully Ever After together!!!

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