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Thursday, June 20, 2013

True Confessions

So, if you read my blog last week - you know I did absolutely terrible.  I need to make a few confessions (not going to list the food... but the experience of what I went through last week) for last week.

  1. Confession #1 - I ate terribly the entire week, there was not 1 day that I wasn't well over my points.  Seriously over my points.
  2. Confession #2 - other than the mud race and a run/exercise on Sunday - I hadn't done a lick of exercising all week that week.
  3. Confession #3 - I told people that I didn't weigh in that week.  But I did, so I knew exactly how bad I had done.  But was too embarrassed to tell my core group.  However, several weight watcher friends and friends from work (plus my mom) were told.  And now I need to tell you... ugh.  Here it goes.  

Last week - I gained 6.4 lbs.

I needed to tell you those things, so that I can tell you how I Totally redeemed myself!

I knew that I could not repeat the week before, nor did I want to.  I literally did not feel good when eating all the crap I ate.  I would say the quantity of what I ate wasn't horrible (for the most part), but it was the variety and the choices I made.  So last week, I put the hammer down.  I ate within my means, again for the most part. 

I did end up having one binge night, and it was Friday night already, but I had a handle on it the whole time.  I exercised more this week - or at least I felt like I did and I was watching my foods.  My salads tasted amazing AGAIN - which was a fantastic feeling. My meals were all healthy.

I did a photo shoot, which turned out great - and in turn made me want to be good for me even more.  Not sure why, It just did.  It was something I needed to do and it went well.

So over all I had a great week, which helped keep me on track.  I weighed in this week and I lost 6.2 of the 6.4 lbs.  So my total is no longer 90 lbs... but it's soooooo much closer (89.8 lbs lost) than I was last week.  I'm going to continue being focused this week --- but we leave for vacation on Tuesday and are gone for a week (don't worry someone is staying at our house, so I'm not worried about posting it here).

We will be flying into a remote location and fishing with 4 others for a week.  We are responsible for bringing all of our food, drinks, etc.  I saw the menu that my husband and sis-in-law put together and it's really a good  menu.  I shouldn't go overboard too much, I just need to control the snacks we're actually going to bring (so I'm not too terribly tempted).  I can do this.

I won't be on next week to post and the following Thursday is the 4th of July.  I'll be weighing in the Wednesday before (or the Friday after - haven't decided yet).  So you won't see a post from me next week - but you WILL the week of the 4th of July.

If you've got some good ideas for recipes for me to bring on our trip... please post comments with either the recipe or links to the recipes.  I'll be getting ready for it this weekend.

Take care and have a great, happy, healthy week!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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