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Friday, April 12, 2013

Activity... how important is it really?

Well... I'd say it depends on where you're at in your journey.  To be healthy and stay healthy, I'd say it's #1. Regardless of whether you are losing weight or not, activity is important.  PLUS if you're more active (and not trying to lose weight) you can eat more :)

But what activity do you need to do?  Honestly, it doesn't matter.  They say all kinds of things about getting cardio, strength training, etc.  Which is more important than the other, blah blah blah.  I agree it matters if your goal is to tone up and also depends on where you're at in your journey.  Are you just starting and were you completely sedentary before? Are you in the middle and need a boost?  Are you at the end and trying to lose those last 5-10 lbs?

Something to think about though is that it really does matter what you were doing before to what you'll need to do now.  You should start out slow and work your way towards a more rigorous activity.

For those that have been more sedentary...

Just stretching or walking is great.  Take 10 minutes 3x a day to just stretch out.  I heard something about taking note from your pets... watch how often they stretch themselves.  Pretty much every time they get up after laying down or sitting.  So start your morning, before you get out of bed, just pull your leg up towards you for a few seconds... and switch legs.  Then step out of bed and try touching your toes, your calves and your thighs.

If all you can do is walk, GREAT - then walk.  What if walking is hard for you?  Then get on that recumbent bike?  They are super cheap, you don't need fancy - unless you want fancy.  You don't need to make your crotch numb for days... so get a comfortable seat and that recumbent bike would totes be the way to go if that's an issue for you.

For those more active, or wanting to be more active...

You don't want to pay for a gym membership?  You don't need to, there's plenty of things you can learn to do on your own!  Here's a link to my "I work out" board on Pinterest... TONS of things to do in your home that only take a little bit of time... and few links to clothes/shoes that are fun too!

Join a community class, community center or a gym and take classes.  Most gyms/community centers have trainers... and will give you one session (or so) free so that you can learn their gym.  Get a weight / strength training routine going and then do it on your own.  Attend a class, DON'T be intimidated!  I used to be, but realized people are really excited to get new people in classes and generally very helpful if they see you struggling.

Me personally... I'm now on the 'kick it up a notch' stage.  Shake up your body... get moving more often stage.  I've been working on training for my 5k, but decided I need to do more than just running 3x a week.  So I've been getting to water aerobics 3-4x per week AND doing The Firm fitness videos.

As you know, if you've been reading my blog, I've been struggling with losing for about 6 weeks.  In the last three weeks, I have actually lost weight... but to me it's been really slow.  However, when you put the numbers together - it actually hasn't.  But felt like it! I lost 1.8 lbs this week - my new total is 81.4 (FINALLY broke through the 80 lb mark).  Super happy about it!

I'm scrapbooking this weekend (since Wednesday) and always struggle with food during this time... I am eating the crap but trying NOT to eat as much or as often.  So I don't get sick and I don't gain a ton back, but probably looking at gaining some of my weight I lost this week back :( this week (booooo!).  But I'm not willing to deprive myself of some of the tasty treats (adult rootbeer floats people!!!).  So tune in next week to see if  I was able to control myself (reasonably :))

Take care, and as always... I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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