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Friday, April 19, 2013

A gain? Yup!!! But I'll take it and be happy!

So I gained this week... it's hard to be away from your normal routine right?  Vacation = crap food right?  It doesn't have to be, but unfortunately for many of us it does.

I was very bad while away on my scrapbooking retreat.  I had cookies, adult root beer floats,  strawberry angel food cake (probably the best dessert  I had), larger portions, seconds, etc.  I knew it was going to be bad before going into it.  I wanted to be good, I told myself to be good... but then often times its so hard to be good when there's so much good (bad) food there.

The two good things that I did do for myself is I went to water aerobics on Wednesday morning before leaving for the trip AND I went running at the gym on Friday while I was there.  I skipped Thursday night and Friday morning water aerobics, but at least did these two activities.

Running has been interesting.  I've been able to do everything the app is telling me to do, much to my surprise.  However last week (Week 5 of training) was a bit of a cluster-fuck.  The good news about it, is that my husband is actually (finally * see asterisk below) running with me.

We ran Sunday - the framework for that day was:  5 min warm up, run 5 walk 3 repeat twice, 5 min cool down.  He ran the whole thing with me.  In Vibram 5 finger shoes (CRAZY).  I was so happy he was there, but also kind of upset that he was just as winded as I was - and I had been training for 4 weeks!  But quickly got over that when he complimented me on my running.

We ran Tuesday night - so here's where it goes down hill.  I turned on my app and never looked at it.  We ran and ran and ran and ran... and I was thinking "hmmm... we're sure going far for 5 minutes of running" - with the warm up and the running, we went 1 mile in what I thought was 10 minutes.  I looked at the app then and we had actually run 8 minutes.  I was thinking "shit, I effed up the app and now we're ahead a week" and I wasn't prepared to run 8 minutes... but in 5 more minutes I was going to have to do it again.  FUCK!  Well I did it.  My husband had to stop with about 1:30 left of the 8 minutes... we didn't stretch out beforehand (not sure why... kinda rushed out the door to get it done - STUPID). But regardless I did it and he was proud.  I almost cried (over 8 minutes LOL).

So... fast forward to Friday.  I was running by myself at the gym...  Thinking I had the day wrong, I went back to week 4.  Turned on the app and started my warm up.  Felt a little vibration after awhile (tucked into my bra) and realized what the heck... my app isn't talking to me.  So I looked at it and it said I was to have started running 2:30 ago... CRAP!  So I restart it, tuck it back into my bra - same thing.  CRAP.  So I finally look at the day - and realize that it was the week before and I had already run it.  So I fast forward to week 5 and look at day one (remember... i'm still thinking I had messed up on Tuesday) and realize I did have the right week, but the app must have messed up... oh and I had my phone on vibrate - so that's why the app wasn't talking to me.  So I fix that and move it to day 3, start the warm up again and put the phone back in my bra... within a minute or so it tells me to run (I've done two 5+ minute warm ups by then so I'm thinking the app realizes this)... so I start to run.  Within a few more minutes (3 1/2 -4) it tells me to start running again... I was like WHAT???  and another 2 1/2 minutes later it tells me to walk again.  THEN, I start getting all sorts of pissed off.  I pull out my phone and look at it and it's telling me that I have 17 1/2 minutes left to run.  WHAT THE FUCK!!!  I quickly realize it's now running week 4 day 3 and week 5 day three at the same time and is totes messing me up.  I'm pissed.  I then think I'm on the wrong week again... but I'm not.  I decide I'm just going to run as long as I can and screw this whole friggin' day.  How frustrating.  I ran most of it... but did have to walk for a bit.  I finished my walk and then look at the app... apparently in week 5 the app is doing intervals for days now... weeks 1-4 have the same work out for each day.  I did have it right to begin with and was never off but messed it up so bad it was ridiculous.  And frustrating... and I was pissed.

<<insert eating here>>

Stress makes me eat.  I went back to scrapbooking and proceeded to argue with one of the girls on how frustrated I was and now I had to do week 5 day 3 all over... because I didn't fully do it.  I was so frustrated... she kept arguing with me.  And pissing me off to no end.  She doesn't understand the way I am and kept calling me obsessive compulsive and that I shouldn't let this ruin my day (I do agree... it shouldn't have... but I didn't even want to go in the first place and then to get all fucked up - pissed me off).  I ended up taking a 2 hour nap that day - just to try to get over it.  What a waste :)  Anyway in the end, she apologized and said we're just very different people and that she doesn't understand me (didn't seem like an apology... but whatever - I love her, so I moved on).

Monday - I went to the gym and did week 5 day 3 all over.

Ok... just had to talk about that story.  I gained .4 lbs this week... still down 81 though.  Hoping to have a better week this week!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

*He's told me all along that he will run with me... while it made me nervous to run with him it also made me happy.  I've wanted him to do this since he said he would 4 weeks ago.  But until last week, he hadn't even tried.  When I would go to the gym, he would sit at home and do nothing.  Not sure if he just wasn't ready yet, but I'm sure glad he is now.

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