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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hard at it!!!

I had a very good week.  I worked extremely hard!  Harder than I've worked in a while.  Although, I still used my extra points... I barely used any activity points and No Extra Extra (LOL) points this week.  I shed 5.2 lbs this week and my total is now 71 lbs gone.  WOW!!!  I have been on Weight Watchers now for 9 months... I'd say that's pretty darn good so far.

So what am I doing to make myself successful you may ask... I'd say the following:

  • Tracking the food that I'm eating... ALL OF IT.  I track everything regardless of whether or not it makes me go over my points, my extra points or additional activity points.  If I don't, I'm only cheating myself.  I will say that next to weight watchers, there is another option out there that I feel is quite similar with regards to "tracking." is what I'm referring to.  It has a great web program, phone ap (for both iPhone and Droid users) and there is a product out there called fitbit ( that is like what I wear for WW (ActivityLink) that feeds your activity (wirelessly - you don't even have to plug it in) into the program for you.  Please note - I am not endorsed by any of these places... so it's to your benefit to check them out not mine.
  • If I do go over or eat unhealthy, I make myself very aware of it.  Sometimes that helps me and sometimes it doesn't... but I always know.  Therefore I know that I make better choices elsewhere (whether it's food or exercise related) to try and combat the bad with the good.
  • I exercise... A LOT (at least compared to what I used to do).  When I'm not doing the 30 day shred (usually plus water aerobics and/or walking of some sort) I either walk more or do other home video work outs such as balance ball.  I try to work out no less than 3 times a week, but like to try for 4-5.  It helps, I promise.
  • Just this past week I started feeling guilty about watching TV.  So in order to allow myself to watch TV (live TV) I make myself run in place or move about when commercials are on.  I've heard people talk about doing this before, but never implemented it myself.  This past Monday I did it during the Biggest Loser (that show makes you feel super guilty if you don't do some sort of exercise) - it was a 2 hour show... and according to my ActivityLink, there was approximately 38 minutes of commercials.  That day I hit 200% on my ActivityLink.  Two days later I couldn't walk without pain because I used muscles that I haven't used in a while... but it was a good hurt of course!
  • I also incorporated more vegetables... I had a lot of salads this week.  BIG salads... and that really made a difference in my weight loss, I'm sure of it.  I had started slacking a little in the veggie area, and now I proved to myself what it can do... so I would try that too if you're struggling.  If you fill up more on veggies, then you are bound to eat less other foods (regardless of whether they are good or bad for you).
All of this is common sense I know... but sometimes you just need to prove to yourself that by doing these things it will really help you.  There probably isn't one person out there that doesn't know if you eat healthier and exercise that you will lose weight.  You just need to gain the will power and the "want" to do it.  So keep at it, I promise you will get results.

Today will be day 16 of doing the 30 day Shred from Jillian Michaels.  I've been able to keep at level 2, but am having some issues with my knees, feet and shoulder.  So I'm getting kind of scared about the knees for sure.  I know my shoulder is just gone.  I'll go see a specialist for my shoulder after I finish up my 30 day shred, I don't want them to tell me to stop doing it.  So, I'm going to keep on, but I've been taking it easy a bit in certain parts, plus it's really really hard (for me).

In addition to doing well this week, I've had a lot of other positive things happen.  People are really supporting me.  I have a lot of "Facebook" friends and I know that I don't see many of them on a regular basis, or at all... but I am receiving such support from them.  I post a daily pic of myself after my workouts... some folks are even going back to previous day's pictures and commenting on how they can see the difference.  I've received a few personal messages through Facebook and many people are actually doing the Jillian Michaels work out now because of me.  They say I'm an inspiration.  I really don't feel like an inspiration, but it keeps being said to me... so I must be.  Feels kind of cool, but weird too.  Because there are so many more people that have inspired me that don't even know it.

I have a super great support system at work, at home and through my immediate family.  And with Facebook.  So I am very lucky.  But at the same time I feel "watched" all the time too and I don't want to disappoint.  So far, I've used that as motivation... hopefully that will continue long term.  My goal isn't just to lose the weight.  I want to keep the weight off (who doesn't right)... but most of all I want to be able to continue to exercise and eat healthy 90% of the time (lets be real... we all want that junk food now and then).

Sorry for the long post, but I truly hope this helps someone out there!

Take care and as you know... I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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  1. You are doing a remarkable job! I can't tell you how proud I am of you, but also how happy I am for you! Most importantly you are happy with yourself and your accomplishments, which you have earned that right through lots of hard work and determination! Love, Mom