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Friday, January 4, 2013

Doctor Results Are In

Well, they weighed me.  UGH, don't you hate that?!  Why do they need to know what I weigh, can't they just guess?

LOL, I know - I know... they need to weigh me.  But it's my most dreaded part of the visit - next to taking my blood pressure (am I the only one that this hurts to have done?  I seriously HATE it... it hurts.  I'd rather do a Jillian Michael work out than have my blood pressure taken) and getting my blood drawn.

Anyway the results are in.  I was taken off of 1 of 2 blood pressure medicines.  I'm going down on dosage for my depression medication and then will be fully off in March if all goes well.  I go back in 7 weeks to be rechecked on being on just the 1 blood pressure medicine and am hoping she drops that dosage then too.

On a bad note, I am one of the worst people to get blood from. This was a new place I went to and a new person drawing my blood.  I warned her that I'm hard to get from.  She tried finding a vein for like 5 minutes before giving up and just sticking me.  THEN she moved the needle around in my arm, yes in my arm, to get the vein.  IT HURT, IT SUCKED and I can guarantee that's never going to happen again.  I will demand a different person or that they be totally sure they will hit a vein.  I can't imagine how bruised my arm will look in two days!!!

Regardless, today is a good day!!!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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