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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Be Strong, Stay Strong!

I did have a very good week, as I vowed I would. I lost 2.4 lbs, my total is now 72.2. I didn't do any additional activity other than my Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred video except ran in place during the biggest loser on Monday where I gained the most insane amount of activity points.  Most I've ever gotten in a single day... 11 activity points and 217% of my goal was met.  I'm not gonna lie, I was ROCKING that running in place.

Anyway the only days I went a good amount over on points were Thursday and Saturday (pizza again).  So I'm very happy with my week.  I didn't even use all of my extra weekly point allowance which then means I didn't touch any of my activity points for the week then either.  That's a great feeling, not only because I didn't go way over but because it was a goal I set and I met it.

I talk about goals a lot and I'm a firm believer in setting small attainable goals.  If you don't and you just have that end goal in mind, you're more likely to find yourself discouraged more often and then therefore more likely to give up (like we do with those new years resolutions).  So do me a favor and set at least 3 goals this week that you know you can meet, but are at least a little bit of a challenge as well.

There was talk in my Weight Watcher meeting weeks ago on how overwhelming tracking everything you eat can be.  One of the women suggested that instead of tracking the whole day start tracking one meal a day for one week -but make it the same meal each day.  This worked very well for her, but wouldn't be something that would probably work for me.  I am an all or nothing kind of person... so my goals usually are a bit bigger than that, but I also don't find tracking hard.  So who's to say that it wouldn't work for someone else right?!  That's exactly my point I'm trying to make here... everyone is different.  Goals should be different.

If exercise is your goal and is your buddy's as well, then think about it... exercise doesn't have to be different, but you have to make sure it works for you not just your work out buddy.  I'm not a fan of having an exercise buddy... I've tried it several times through out my life and I've just been disappointed over and over, so that is not something I like to do.  I like to exercise but I'm normal too, I don't like to do it ALL the time.  So if I have a buddy and they don't feel like working out, I could be persuaded sometimes to skip it too... and really I don't need that kind of help.  What is working for me right now just baffles me... like I've mentioned I'm doing the JM 30 day shred.  Every day, immediately after my work out, I post a picture of my sweaty face with the #day I'm on... for some reason that makes me feel accountable to myself, but also to my entire population of FB friends.  I'm not sure why - but I feel like if I miss a day, I will disappoint a lot of people.  Weird I know... but for some reason it works for me.  Today is my last day of JM 30 day shred (I did level 2 this time) and needed to figure out "what's next?".  I've got some great work friends and FB friends that have offered to lend me some new videos to try next.  I've got quite the line up - so I now need to make my plan of what I'm doing and when I'm going to do it.

If you are not an exerciser this post probably really annoyed you.  But I do have to say - when all those people all your life have told you that exercise is key to losing weight - that, for most people, it is a correct statement.. if you want to be consistent in losing weight that is.  I have a lot of weight to lose so exercise is my thing now - and really has to remain a big part of my life for the rest of my life.

I have said this before, this is the last time I'm losing this weight - so right now I'm working on my plan by getting healthy and losing weight.  I building my healthy habits - eating right, exercising and tracking what goes in this gynormous pie hole of mine!!!  My hope, by doing this, is that I'm setting myself up for a lifetime of good healthy habits.

My goals for this coming week are:
  • I'm going to figure out my exercise plan for the next phase.
  • Carry over the leaving those extra points within my range and not going over (and definitely not using my activity points).
  • I'm going to implement the WW Healthy Habits this week too... with each meal I will have some sort of power food, fruit or vegetable.  This should be easy.  With every snack, if it's not a fruit, I will be sure to have a fruit with the snack that I'm eating.  This will be harder to do :)
  • Get my mind / mental state ready for my scrapbooking weekend next week (I leave Wednesday and come home Sunday) - if you remember my first post in November '12, the last weekend like this was a disaster!
  • Figure out my game plan for getting exercise in during scrapbooking (I think I'll probably go to water aerobics Wed morning, Thur night, Friday morning... but I need to figure out what I will do on Saturday since it'll likely be below zero so I won't want to be outside).

That's probably enough for the week!   I'd like to get to my 75lb weight loss mark by next Thursday, which means I need to lose 2.8 lbs (YIKES)!!!  Oh and be sure to take a look at the picture page - I've posted a picture of me this week.

Take care and remember.... I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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