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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Holiday Results

Well well well... I did very well... not only did I lose what I gained last week - I lost another pound on top of that!  I lost 2.4 lbs this week and my total is now 66.8 lbs since March.  I was able to show some self control for the most part.  The cookies did get the best of me this year, but it still could have been way worse.  I was consciously thinking about everything that was going in my mouth... good or bad I knew it.

I went into the weekend thinking I would do the measuring cup thing when eating... which was to grab a 1/3 C. measuring cup and use that to portion out my food.  I did not do that, but when eating meals I really paid attention to what was going on my plate as well as how much.

My husband makes the BEST breakfast foods. The first day they had breakfast burritos with hash browns  my favorite) and I chose to eat the yogurt that I brought along with the apples and splurged on two pieces of bacon and one sausage. The second day they had egg sandwiches, banana bread and something else that I can't remember and I just had my yogurt, a piece of banana bread (with very little butter) and apple because it was Christmas Eve and I knew dinner would be bad.   So a big win for me.

Like I said the cookies got the best of me!  BUT being that I was with my sister in law and she's a super active person, we went for walks on the lake with the dogs both days.  The first day we nearly went 3 miles (on ice... quads hurt the next day) and the second day we did close to 2 miles if not over (quads still hurt today).  So that was super super helpful in burning off some of the calories.

On Christmas day I chose not to have breakfast really (I did have a piece of cheese and sausage on a cracker, but just one - where normally I would have had like 8).  I did have a couple cookies, apple crisp and a half of a cream puff (naughty naughty) but my meal was way under control and I didn't snack much on the appetizers except for the veggies (thanks mom!!!).  I chose not to have dinner that night too - but did have two crackers with cheese spread on them... again would normally have had more than that plus a dinner.

So all in all, I did very well and am super proud of myself for showing such control.  I beat both Thanksgiving and Christmas by losing weight each of those weeks.  And met my goal of "staying the same" between the holidays - in fact I lost 5.4 lbs from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Not too shabby I'd say.

I also started Jillian Michaels back up again today... but am doing level 2 this time.  I started it now because I wanted to be done in time for when I go scrapbooking at the end of January.  I wanted to leave myself enough time to prep myself for that and not have to do that while I'm at scrapbooking.  So - there... that is my next goal.

I hope you all showed some self control over the holiday... every little bit counts.  Even if you gained, you should ask yourself were you out of control?   Or did you have control and it could have been worse?  I'm guessing it's the latter of the two.

Good luck this week and yep...

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

As expected!!!

Well I gained back what I was so excited to have lost last week, 1.4 lbs.  Like my mom has always told me, maybe it's the slap in the face that I needed to get myself back on track.  I'm going to run with that!  I don't have a lot of insight to share this week other than you have got to have a plan for the next two weeks.  Whatever that plan may be.  If you don't care if you gain, lose, whatever... then you'll probably experience very bad results on the scale.

I do have a plan.

  • I stopped at the grocery store today after my weight watcher meeting to get myself prepared for being away from home for 3 days.  I bought some healthier snacks (they may not be perfect, but they are better than full blown fatty snacks). 
  • I am committing to getting in my 8 glasses of water at my brother in law's house - even though I can't stand the taste of their water.  I need to get that in.  I didn't this week and that's one of MANY things I did wrong this week.
  • I'm only going to have 1 sweet treat a day and it's not going to be a HUGE sweet treat.
  • Everything going into my mouth, as always, is going to be counted.
  • For the meals we have, i'm going to use a 1/3 measuring cup to use as my serving size.  This really helped at Thanksgiving, but I used a 1/2 cup and was left miserable because that was actually too much food.
  • I will be walking each day that I'm away.  I am sure I'll need a break from the maddness, so that will be my excuse.  I'm just hoping that the weather stays good where I can walk outside... I can't walk well in the boots I have so I'll have to be able to use my tennis shoes.
  • I have been really lax at my exercising, so when at home, I will either be hitting the gym OR working out at home - at least one activity.

That's probably a good list of how I'm going to try to stay in control this week.  The only one I'm afraid of is the sweets one.  I tried that two weeks ago and failed miserably.  So here's to hoping it turns out well for me.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas (or whatever you do/don't celebrate).  Please please please leave me a comment on what you're plans are this holiday week to stay on track.  I would love additional ideas.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

D Day - almost here

I am having a really horrible week.  I have no motivation for exercise this week... I've only exercised 1 day this week (although I will make it a priority tonight) and am feeling really worn down.  Not sure why, I don't feel like I'm getting sick, just really really tired.

I do not have a good outlook for my weigh in tomorrow.  I haven't even "checked" my weight since this weekend.  I've eaten really bad, even though I tried to combat that with making a bunch of food on Sunday for Lunches/Dinners this week.

So I guess what I'm saying in... lets prep for a gain this week (I'm telling this to myself) because it's inevitable.


I need to snap out of this asap, I cannot go into this weekend feeling down as I will eat myself silly.  So here's to hoping I can get out of this week's slump, because...

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Good With the Bad = Happiness!!!

Sorry all, I was out of town for work this week so I couldn't weigh in until yesterday.  I lost 1.4 lbs during a week where I attended a Christmas Party and being out of town for work (for a trip planned the day before we left) and eating out a lot this week.

I wasn't great at the Christmas party... that cookie tray got the best of me.  The food didn't as bad, but that damn cookie tray called my name from the other room! I had a plan when I got there, but I did not follow my plan.  Bummer! ... and it kind of threw me off this week.

On Tuesday my boss told me that we had to have a client facing document ready for Monday so I suggested we have an on-site face-to-face meeting so we can hash some things out without the conference call / webex thing and for less disruption.  It was a great suggestion, but left me no time for planning because we left Wednesday afternoon.  We went to Granite City, a Khan's (like) restaurant, Old Chicago and Qdoba in two days.

Wednesday Night:  At Granite City I ordered the burger I wanted, but with no bun and broccoli instead of fries.  It was AMAZING and I didn't even miss the fries.  I did not order a drink.  I also asked them to take me back to the hotel before they hit the bars so that I could work out instead of drinking a bunch.  They did and were SOOOOO cool about it.  I rode the bike that night for 35 minutes, totes proud!

Thursday:  Breakfast at the hotel, I was a ROCK STAR.  Had my normal 2 hard boiled eggs, ate a yogurt and took two banana's for the day (but I didn't eat them).  Lunch was at a Khans type restaurant where you have total control over what you add in.  I did chicken and all veggies, no noodles.  Didn't miss them at all.  I over did the oil though, but seemed to work out fine.  Dinner was at Old Chicago - FELL OFF.  I had three beers (20 points) and I ate three 1/2 pieces of pizza (48 points).  So way way over for the day... but at least I made smarter choices during the day otherwise it could have been worse.

Friday:  breakfast - rockstar again.  Lunch - Qdoba - ordered a chicken salad with no cheese, sourcream or dressing.  Just had salsa, chicken and lettuce.  Pretty boring but I really had to be good because I knew I'd be weighing in the next day.  Friday night - my hubby and I went out to eat AGAIN.  I ordered a water instead of a beer (wanted a beer but knew I needed to be good).  I ordered a rueben sandwich without the bread - it was weird, but again... I needed to cut out that buttered bread and then I ordered broccoli again ($2 for broccoli but I didn't care).  So over all I did really well by choosing the good for the bad.

So in the end I lost 1.4 and met my next 5# goal... I've now lost 65.8 lbs.  WOW!!!  On a roll!!!  Here's to hoping for another successful week.  This one shouldn't be too bad, but it's that time of the month again.  So I may get a gain this week.

I hope you are able to *THINK* before you make your bad choices... it's worth the bad sometimes, but you really need to make up for it with only partial bad.  I tell you, I was not left with wanting something that I cut out.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jillian Michael Results are in...

I could not be more proud of myself than I am today.  I have accomplished a lot in just under 8 months.
  1. Rejoined Weight Watchers (best thing I could have done for myself)
  2. Went back to the gym
  3. Lost 64.6 lbs
  4. Lost these inches since August 2012
    1. Bust:  4 inches
    2. Waist:  5 inches
    3. Hips: 5 3/4 inches
  5. Walked over 50 miles (that I've tracked, I know it's more than that)
  6. COMPLETED the 30 Day Shred from Jillian Michaels
    1. Lost the following:
      1. Weight 5.6 lbs (including a holiday in there - Thanksgiving the holiday of food, folks and fun!)
      2. Bust: 1 1/2 "
      3. Waist:  2 inches
      4. Hips: 2 inches
I'm sure there's plenty more things I've accomplished that are just not coming to mind but seriously... I'm super pleased with what I've done for myself.  After day 2 of Jillian Michaels I almost quit... oh and day 4, 8, 10 and 11... but once I got that far - there was no turning back!

Jillian Michaels kicked my ass, so I'm going to take 2 weeks off of a strenuous activity like that and in the mean time I need to figure out what I'm going to start in that time frame.  I am thinking either back to Billy Blanks Tae Bo or trying another video I have at home.  I do know that for the next two weeks I'm going back to water aerobics (it got too hard to get there, do Jillian and eat a dinner in one evening so I dialed that back but replaced with walking) and I'm going to bust out my Balance Ball again.  After doing Jillian I should be able to do all of the Balance Ball routines.

My sister is going to borrow the Jillian Michaels video and do the 30 day shred.  I am so excited for her and hope that she doesn't get discouraged because at first it's sooooo challenging.  It remained challenging for me but only because you can do more and more each time you do it.  I posted daily pictures (after day 5) on Facebook and that really held me to not quitting.  There were so many people supporting me that I just couldn't let them down or disappoint myself.

Anyway - this post is kind of boring... not a lot of guidance here other than I hope I am maybe inspiring some to try something that they never though they could do.  I know at least one of you readers is a runner and I bet it wasn't easy at first but I watch you on Facebook and always think - DAMN GIRL you've got drive.  YOU inspired me.

If any of you are interested in getting this video it's super cheap.  I know two people who have bought it due to my postings on Facebook - both of them got it at Walmart, (and there were several rumblings in my weight watcher meetings that said they were stopping on the way home today to pick it up after I announced my results)  I think it's under $10.  Otherwise I know Amazon carries it for $7.55 right now... here's a link to it if you're curious:  Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  It says you can lose up to 20 lbs from doing the video, I obviously did not.  I did level 1 the entire time and maybe that's why... or maybe because of the time of year -- I'm not perfect :) in my eating habits... but I'll take that 5.6 lbs.

Anyway - this weekend's challenges for me:
  • Husband is leaving town (I never do well when he leaves)
  • Girls Christmas Party - where food, drinks and desserts will be flowing
It's not too terrible though... If I keep my activity up, I should be able to ace this weekend.  I hope I stay on this high for a long time :)

Take care all and remember, I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.