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Friday, July 20, 2012

The beginning... AGAIN.

So, I've never blogged before... much like many others.  I'm actually blogging for myself, so if you're reading this I hope that you enjoy.

It was March 2012 where I saw a picture of myself and just had enough.  I mean, wasn't pictures at Christmas, January birthdays, etc. enough to look at and tell me I need to wake up?

I was extremely depressed and didn't want to do anything anymore.  Which isn't fair to my husband who is very active and loves to keep going. I mean I've always liked my downtime, but seriously. This was getting bad!

Anyway I kept telling myself, I'm gonna start tomorrow, I'm gonna start tomorrow, I'm gonna start Monday, I can't start this week... I've got X Y and Z going on this weekend.  I'm gonna start in a Month.  UGH ENOUGH!!!

So one day, I decided that was the day.  The day I was going to start eating healthy.  But I needed a starting point and some guidance.  So I joined the only program I knew of that I could do... and that I could maintain afterwards.  I mean, I've done it 10 other times before... and 10 years ago I lost 93 lbs.  Only to gain it over an 8 year period (after meeting my husband) PLUS SOME extra weight to boot.

I've tried loosing in the past, my husband has tried to help.  But sometimes he doesn't know how to help me. Somehow, this time is different.  He isn't complaining one bit about any of the foods I'm making and is eating everything I make.  He'll tell me if it's a "make again" or not, of course, but still he's eating it.  There's only been one recipe that I've made that I actually couldn't eat and we had to throw it away.

Anyway... here I go again.  A journey through my change to healthy eating.  I started March 13, 2012 and as of yesterday I have lost 34 lbs.  I will look for some pictures to post so that you can see my progress.

For now, I feel great.  I have the momentum and am so happy to finally feel healthier again.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.