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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Good With the Bad = Happiness!!!

Sorry all, I was out of town for work this week so I couldn't weigh in until yesterday.  I lost 1.4 lbs during a week where I attended a Christmas Party and being out of town for work (for a trip planned the day before we left) and eating out a lot this week.

I wasn't great at the Christmas party... that cookie tray got the best of me.  The food didn't as bad, but that damn cookie tray called my name from the other room! I had a plan when I got there, but I did not follow my plan.  Bummer! ... and it kind of threw me off this week.

On Tuesday my boss told me that we had to have a client facing document ready for Monday so I suggested we have an on-site face-to-face meeting so we can hash some things out without the conference call / webex thing and for less disruption.  It was a great suggestion, but left me no time for planning because we left Wednesday afternoon.  We went to Granite City, a Khan's (like) restaurant, Old Chicago and Qdoba in two days.

Wednesday Night:  At Granite City I ordered the burger I wanted, but with no bun and broccoli instead of fries.  It was AMAZING and I didn't even miss the fries.  I did not order a drink.  I also asked them to take me back to the hotel before they hit the bars so that I could work out instead of drinking a bunch.  They did and were SOOOOO cool about it.  I rode the bike that night for 35 minutes, totes proud!

Thursday:  Breakfast at the hotel, I was a ROCK STAR.  Had my normal 2 hard boiled eggs, ate a yogurt and took two banana's for the day (but I didn't eat them).  Lunch was at a Khans type restaurant where you have total control over what you add in.  I did chicken and all veggies, no noodles.  Didn't miss them at all.  I over did the oil though, but seemed to work out fine.  Dinner was at Old Chicago - FELL OFF.  I had three beers (20 points) and I ate three 1/2 pieces of pizza (48 points).  So way way over for the day... but at least I made smarter choices during the day otherwise it could have been worse.

Friday:  breakfast - rockstar again.  Lunch - Qdoba - ordered a chicken salad with no cheese, sourcream or dressing.  Just had salsa, chicken and lettuce.  Pretty boring but I really had to be good because I knew I'd be weighing in the next day.  Friday night - my hubby and I went out to eat AGAIN.  I ordered a water instead of a beer (wanted a beer but knew I needed to be good).  I ordered a rueben sandwich without the bread - it was weird, but again... I needed to cut out that buttered bread and then I ordered broccoli again ($2 for broccoli but I didn't care).  So over all I did really well by choosing the good for the bad.

So in the end I lost 1.4 and met my next 5# goal... I've now lost 65.8 lbs.  WOW!!!  On a roll!!!  Here's to hoping for another successful week.  This one shouldn't be too bad, but it's that time of the month again.  So I may get a gain this week.

I hope you are able to *THINK* before you make your bad choices... it's worth the bad sometimes, but you really need to make up for it with only partial bad.  I tell you, I was not left with wanting something that I cut out.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!

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