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Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have several things to write about today, but will start off with this... I was a ROCK STAR this week.  I really buckled down (even though I wasn't perfect).  I kicked up my exercise - well I've really been doing that the last few weeks.  I started a Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred on Tuesday.  I have had this DVD since April and told myself that I would start it this weekend.  Well... that didn't quite happen, but I did take the plastic off the package so I get points for touching the video right?

Anyway - I did start.  I'm in pain... and I want to puke every time I need stand up, sit, walk, etc.  It's a good feeling to have as I haven't had this in a LONG time.  But it does hurt and I remember every second of the last time I went through this... except it was with a live trainer back in 2002.  I'm on day 3 right now and I'm not sure how I'm gonna pull it off, being that I can't walk right now.  It hurts my knees, my flapping belly and my feet.  So hopefully I can push through all of that and maybe it will get better... so wish me luck.  I feel like I should take today off but I know I really should push through.  If JM was in my house she'd be screaming at me right now... oh and then wanna talk about why I let myself get so fat.  (I don't know the answer to that, other than I really like food... oh and I was a bit depressed for a while too, but that just made me get even fatter).

Soooo... whew.  We got that out now.

My topic today is MOTIVATION.  Apparently I'm a motivator, I mean I kinda knew I was for a few ladies out there (hi, I know you read now) but I've been told more and more by others and even by my WW Leader (((shout out to Polly... she's AWESOME.)))

Side Note:  I didn't think I'd find one that I liked better than Judy (for those of you who know who she was you understand that this is HUGE).  If you're in Monticello MN - she's the leader there on Thursdays (AM - PM) and I know she's a leader elsewhere - maybe Buffalo MN too??  FIND HER.  She's funny, she's smart and she's a great leader!

I also have a group of ladies at work that tell me I am motivating them.  What they don't know is that they motivate me too (yes you do ladies).  I love our lunch room chats, skype conversations and watching them succeed.  I can tell when they are on track, off track and need some help.  I know that they can tell that about me too.

In addition to that I have my WW group.  Back in September (I think) I talked about the stupid Nelson's Ice Cream incident I had... and how much ice cream I ate.  Oh, and that I actually wrote it down and tracked it. Well, one day I did a weigh and go and on my way to my car this lady stopped me.  She said that I was a total inspiration to her and that she thought to herself this week (back then) that if I could track 23 points in ice cream that she would do the same.  Even if it put her over her points for the day (believe me... I was over too).  That was truly inspiring and actually I left that day from WW early because I was feeling down (I think I gained that week... and not because of ice cream).

Anyway - what I want you to know is that even though someone else inspires you... YOU are inspiring others.  Don't give up.  EVER.  You know you can do it.  Keep that eye on the prize - whatever that prize may be to you.  Set your  mini-goals and achieve them.  It feels good, trust me - I've now met more of my mini's than I ever thought I would... and it's because of the support system I have.  Work, family, friends and yes, even strangers.

Please leave comments and tell me what motivates you?  Is there something that I'm doing to motivate you?  Is there something that I could do to help motivate you?  Oh, and follow my blog.  I need followers.  Some day I hope to have sponsors and I can't get that if I don't have followers :)  You can sign up for email notices of when I post too... that way you'll never miss a post (if you care).

So I bet you're wondering how I did this week?  I lost 4.8 lbs this week, my total is now 58.8 (1.2 away from posting another picture of my progress).  What is my goal next week?  Well TRULY it's 2.8, but really I'd be ecstatic over the 1.2 so I can hit that 60 lbs.

What are my challenges this week?

  1. I'm alone again this weekend (EEK)... I usually don't do as well when I'm alone.
  2.  I have my nephew coming over on Saturday for a sleep over... he's super picky but loves pizza (just like his aunty)
  3. I have a lunch next week, where we have a groupon for the sushi buffet.  BUFFET.  I'll be mentally preparing myself to have some self control that day... it's 2 days before weigh in.  I can do this!
I really hope that by reading this blog that I'm able to inspire you... I mean look at my pictures - I was huge.  I still am in my mind but I'm almost 60 lbs less huge!  

Take care and please... leave me comments, sign up for email notifications as well as become a member of my blog.

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.


  1. Hey Tabitha,
    You help us at the Monticello WW meeting to keep it real. What motivates me at this point?'s not my rate of weight loss at this point. It's glacial to say the least. In my head I keep how my life and body has changed. That helps me to get through the sticky bits and pain of getting rid of these last 10 pounds. Moving forward(even if I have to duck sideways once in awhile) is the only option I'm going to allow myself.

    1. You are an incredible inspiration to me. I know how hard those last 10 lbs are!!! Forward is OUR only option!

  2. As your mother, I hope to support you by being anxious to hear whatever you are willing to share with my, your successes and your incidents, but also supporting you by not watching you and commenting on any eating incidents. I am very proud of you, you're doing a great job and I wish you "Healthfully Everafter"!

    1. Love you mom!!! You are working hard at not watching and commenting - it's very welcomed. I make my own decisions on what I put in my mouth - sometimes they are bad decisions but none of them are your fault... and I think you are beginning to realize that. You are the best and I love the support you have given me. I need it and welcome it!!

  3. What motivated me...knowing that I am not the onlyone out there that struggles. You are such an inspiration. I Love this-being able to see/read about your journey. You rock lady-keep up the good work!!!