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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jillian Michaels, oh how I hate you!

Well, I made it to day 7.  I dislike her, wait no, I hate her :)  and I love her at the same time.  I've been doing great, I can see an increase in my ability to do more and more of the moves each day - but I'm worried.  It seems like every other day that I do it, my left foot hurts.  Hurts bad.  Like I have to stop doing a few moves because it's pulling on my arch.  I do have plantar fasciitis - I hope I'm not irritating it and going to be having more problems... because I've worked very hard to make it better.

AND... yesterday I think I re-injured my leg.  I'm not sure if it's my groin, my hip flexor or what the hell it is... but I hurt it two years ago and it's never been the same since... but it's been manageable.  On my way home from work yesterday moving my leg from the gas pedal to the break - it started hurting real bad.  Last night, HORRIBLE - every time I tried to turn over it was like piercing pain and woke me up.

UGH.  Well, we'll see how it feels when I get home tonight.  If it still hurts, I'm still going to try to do the video.  If it doesn't hurt MORE after that, and I'm able to do the video, then I will continue.  If not, I think I need a visit to the doctor :*( BOOOOOO!!!

Wish me luck, because I need it.  I need to be able to continue this video and meet my goal.  I also need some recommendations of some other goal-oriented video's for when I am done with this one... so if you have any suggestions - let me hear 'em!

I cannot wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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