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Monday, November 19, 2012

How to get motivated??

I've been working out like a mad woman lately, most days I'm doing more than one work out... sometimes 3.  But today, today I've hit a wall.  A big wall.  I'm on day 14 of my Jillian Michael work out.. DAY 14!!!  I'm almost half way done.  OMG almost half way done!!!  BUT  I have no motivation to continue.  I half-assed my workout tonight.  I'm hoping it's super temporary and just for today.  I skipped my water aerobics for the night too... I haven't missed that in months (on purpose).

Tonight... I'll be digging down.  Digging down deep so that I can get that motivation back.  I'm hoping it's only because I didn't sleep well last night (the hubs was a snoring machine, so I had to switch rooms).

I'll be weighing in this week Wednesday morning in Minnetonka (before work).  At this point I don't want to skip a week of weighing in because of a holiday (being on my weigh in day).  So hopefully I can meet my goal I set last week.  It would make all this hard work worth it.

So... here's to digging deep.  It will be worth it, it will be I just know it!!!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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