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Thursday, October 11, 2012

You say it's your birthday...

It was my birthday too yeah!  I had a fabulous, extremely busy birthday weekend.  It was incredibly fun, but full of food (of course).  I know that I'm not supposed to be all about food, especially since I've done so well to this point. But man, a girl's gotta live every once and a while!  You know those skinny bitches out there let loose once and a while too!

I went to two movies this weekend with my mommy (my best friend if you didn't know yet).  We got a large popcorn BOTH times and soda.  Even though I wanted that orange Fanta I ended up getting Diet Coke.  So a little win for me (go me!!!).  I ate at least (if not more) than half of each of those popcorn buckets, but hey - no butter was put on it so it's OK, right?  UGH no!  Regardless I made the conscious choice to eat it each time.  The second night of movie going was my idea to get the popcorn (damn movie popcorn).

On my birthday we went out for a very nice dinner (and the hubby got to go too - YAY!!!!).  I had two lamb chops (omg they were good but so frickin small!) and some potatoes and veggies were served with it.  I thought that was a fantastic, smart choice when I could have ordered a big 'ol steak!  I did have a glass of wine (oops forgot to count that :))... and for dessert - Brown Sugar Creme Brulee.  I ate the shit out of that.  That is one of my guilty pleasures and I deserved to have a birthday dessert right?

Other than that I did pretty well trying to make "decent" decisions and really tried to track what I was eating regardless.  Really that's what it's all about.  If not for tracking, I probably would have had a regular soda, more wine and who knows what else... Probably a caribou breakfast sandwich along with my two birthday Caribou drinks (oh don't worry I got the northern lite lattes as usual).  I did go over my points many days this week/weekend and used up all my extra point allowance plus some (a lot).  But even with that, I knew exactly what I was doing.

Anyway I wanted to write this post today to say - yeah it's OK to let loose once and a while... but deep down either write down what you're eating or mentally keep track of what you've eaten for the day (days) so you don't get to the point of no return.  You cannot get back into the habit of starting again tomorrow or next week.  No matter what you're doing today, it will affect tomorrow.  Make good decisions and maybe if there's three things you really want, then choose one of the three and take that as a win.  It's all about winning (and losing of course).  That inner battle you have going on in your head has to be overcome and if you take small steps towards that goal of yours, you will see results.

I did meet my goal from last week which was only to stay this same this week - anticipating a fun filled weekend... I actually lost .8 lbs.  So now my total is 54.2 lbs gone.  Very proud of that, but I have to be honest - I was scared as hell to find out if I did stay the same.  So today starts a new week and I need to set some goals for me.  I didn't exercise much this last week being sick and busy and all, so I definitely need to get that back in gear again.  I mean I can't stop now right?!

My Goals This week are:

  • To exercise 3x this week... to make that 100% on my ActiveLink for those three days (at a minimum).  
  • My second goal is to not use all of my extra points up.
  • I want to lose .8 this week so that I can reach my 55 lb weight loss
I wish you all a good, healthy and smart week.  You can do it, shoot if I can - you can!  Remember that you are worth this battle.  It's not about being skinny (it shouldn't be), it's about being healthy for you... and your family.  Now let's get active!

I can't wait until I'm healthfully ever after.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and your honestly! It is a constant battle but writing down and keeping track of what you eat is 3/4's of the battle. I salute your making choices and your weight loss this week.

    1. Thank you! It was a rough couple weeks, but I'd say this was by far the hardest! Thanks for reading... and you are totes correct when you say it's 3/4th's the battle. Otherwise you totes lose track of where you're at and the mind of ours can play tricks on us by forgetting some of the bad (like the wine I didn't track).