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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I like to move it, move it!

Well I made two of my three my goals from last week:

  1. Made my 100% 3x this week (but it should have been 4... because I worked out hard one day and didn't get credit).
  2. Didn't use all of my extra points
What I didn't make was the 0.8 lb weight loss, I gained 1.6... but you know what, that's ok!  I am soooo not discouraged at all... read on and you'll see why!

Yesterday I woke up and literally felt heavier.  Sho'nuff, I weighed myself and I was up 2 lbs.  I thought it was because the pills I take got a little messed up, but after thinking more about it I couldn't figure out what was really messed up about them.  Then I thought maybe I'm retaining water from my walks I've been taking because my feet/legs feel heavy...   I don't know.  Regardless I don't really care.  I know that I did better this week than I have in a long time and didn't feel like I was naughty going into this weigh in.

This is how I got my exercise in this week:
  • Thursday: water aerobics - this is the one that didn't count and I worked my ass of, I mean it showed up on my activity link but I didn't get enough credit for it in my mind :)
  • Monday: water aerobics - I was NOT going to let that happen again so I worked even harder and stayed another 15 minutes after class just moving around in the pool.  I still had some activity I needed to do when I got home so I kept myself busy until I saw that 100%
  • Tuesday:  I went for a nice long walk on Tuesday night with my husband (2.5 miles... we're walking at about a 17:24 minute mile - pretty good clip for me).
  • Wednesday:  I walked to my hair appointment.  Let me repeat, I walked to my hair appointment.  I was so proud of myself.  It was just shy of 1 mile to walk there and when I got home I was at 98% of my goal so I knew I would make it by the time I went to bed.  All I had to do was walk out to my mailbox to get my mail and I had my 100%.
My water aerobics instructor is going to be out of town now for 2 weeks... so I told her that I'd teach the class on the down low.  Which is great for me because I have to be there and I can't make up excuses for why I can't go... even though I normally don't because I really like water aerobics.

Getting back to my week and what's ahead for me:
I ate really bad Friday night but for the rest of the week I did fairly well.  I'm not unsatisfied with that at all.  I'm, also not unsatisfied with my results this week because I know that my hard work will show up in the next couple of weeks... which are going to be REALLY tough for me.  The next two weeks include:
  • This week:
    • Saturday - the hubs and I are going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary... I'm sure a steak is in my future.  I'm going to do my very best to only eat half of my meal and take the other half home for leftovers.
    • Sunday:  family cook off.  We celebrate fall birthdays each year with a cook off competition (I won last year with the mac&cheese contest... I made reuben mac & cheese).  This year it's casseroles... I'm pretty sure that no one is going to make a healthy version of a casserole.  My goal is to take a little bit of each casserole but to have a salad on hand to make up the difference on my plate.  Wish me luck - I'm making King Ranch Chicken Casserole.
  • Next week - scares the ever living shit out of me... Wednesday - Sunday we are going scrapbooking with 10 ladies.  Everyone brings a meal to share - so I have no control over what I'm eating really... so I'll have to control the portions and my snacking.  The good news about this trip is that it's in buffalo.  So I have the option to drive to the gym and get my work outs in (which I truly think I'll do on Thursday and Friday) and I will be able to weigh in on Thursday.  I'll be missing some prime scrapbooking time for this but I know it'll be worth it.
After my WW meeting this week, I chatted with one of the members (and she's a member of my blog too - Hi Kara) and she gave me a tip... hydrate BEFORE my walks.  Weigh myself before and after... and if I weigh less I was not hydrated enough and if I weigh more then I was too hydrated... the goal is to stay the same right after a work out.  Makes sense to me!

My goals for this week:
  • Work out at least 3 times
  • Get my 100% on my activity link 3 times
  • Work out Saturday - whether it's a walk or actually getting my ass to the gym (I think the elliptical is  calling my name again... EEK)
  • Clean my house (that should get me at least 100% one day AND count for my work out)
  • Make smart choices on Sunday's event.
That's plenty!  

The recommendation I have for you this week (and I know I don't always practice what I preach) is find some activity that you like doing.  Exercise along with eating healthy can do nothing but produce results... even if you have to wait for those results.

But if you're like me and have ZERO patience for waiting... it's very hard to wait and sometimes a bit discouraging.

Seriously though... if you've read through my blogs you can see that I have had great results. Working out has now become a requirement to maintain and push forward my weight loss. Just this morning  I purchased another pair of tennies so that I can walk during my lunch hours.  I have at least one partner that wants to go with me... so I'm pretty excited for those to be shipped.  I hope they fit, I hate buying shoes online!

So the moral of my story this week is - figure out how you can get yourself to "like to move it" and don't give up, no matter what! Negative results on the scale are not always your fault (sometimes they are though... you know that right?!).  You need to keep your head up high, focus, eat healthy and exercise.  That's only 4 things you need to do (not too shabby).

Take care all and have a good, successful and healthy week!

I cannot wait until I'm healthfully ever after!

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