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Monday, September 10, 2012

Total and Utter Disappointment

Well this is three fold for me...

1) My ActiveLink didn't give me ANY points for water aerobics.  WHAT?  That shit is tough, as long as you make it that way.  Could be that it was because I didn't move pretty much the whole day except for that... but I wanted to see what Weight Watchers counted it as since I've counted it for 3-4 points before.  EEK.

2) I did get exercise in this weekend, but not what I said I was going to do... I wanted to make myself do the balance ball and didn't.

3) I overate more than just the 2 days that I said I would AND am into my extra extra points (beyond the extra they give you) so my exercise points will have to go towards that stuff :(

ActiveLink Results:
Saturday I earned 4 activity PointsPlus values and Sunday I earned 2.

BUT what is exciting is that I did get a goal set for my ActiveLink - they want me to get 3 extra activity points per day.  Yikes... that's actually a lot of activity for someone as lazy as I am.  I guess i need to step it up a whole hell of a lot!

Lets see if I can work off the remaining 19 points that I'm over this week... eeek!!!

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