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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Steps... Mini-goals work!!!

So last week I set a goal to lose 1.2 lbs this week because I wanted to his my 45 lb mark.  Well guess what... I'm sure you can guess judging by what my post title is... I did it.  Not only did I do it, I blew passed it.  I lost 3.2 lbs this week.

What did I do differently you may ask.  Nothing.  Not a darn thing... except maybe moving a little more.  I was in the assessment period through Sunday so I didn't want to increase my activity to something that wasn't "normal" for me just yet.  However, I was out scouting places to take some good family and senior portraits that I have coming up so I got some good walking in.  I also went to my water aerobics class on Thursday night but that's now my new normal so I was OK with that being included (sadly disappointed that it didn't register as much... hoping tonight will be better).  So honestly... walking is what did it for me this week.

Last night I told my husband I was going to go for a walk and asked if he wanted to come along (I now have my goal to make (thanks ActiveLink) and was so close that I just wanted to make it for a day) and he said YES.  I know I shouldn't be so excited, it's not like we have any moving conversations while we walk... we hardly even talk really, it's just nice to have someone to walk with that walks faster than I do.  I have to keep up with him, so it pushes me more.  We walked 2 miles at a 22 minute mile clip.  So nothing earth shattering but seriously if you saw me you would have thought I had ran a marathon.  Right now, that's fast for me... anyway I was at 83% of my daily ActiveLink goal and zero activity points earned for the day when we left for our walk.  When I got back I was at 146% and had earned 5 activity points... all in 44 minutes!  It felt great and I was so happy to have reached a goal.

When I woke up this morning I knew that it helped and that I did well this week.  I felt lighter and that makes me a happy girl!

So did I meet my goals I set from last week???
Well... mostly.  I did end up going into extra-extra points (bad Tabitha!!!), but I also did get my exercising in (Good Girl)... oh and I got a mini-balance ball work out in yesterday (could only handle 10 minutes).  Although you may not agree that I accomplished my goal, I do.  Trust me, that helps... because if you (and this is your inner person speaking to you) see it as a failure, then you may let it drag you down.  One of the quotes I heard in the meeting room today was "You cannot change yesterday, but you can change today!"  Ummm, yeah.  I always say, don't let the man bring you down!  Oh and... Donna Martin graduates!!!  (only those that watched the OLD 90210 will think that's funny - hopefully)

Anyway what will I be challenging myself with this week? Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!  Not just 3x this week.  I want to meet my ActiveLink goal EVERY DAY.  EEK... I hate saying that out loud, but it's true.  So wish me luck, I need it!!!  I think that's the only challenge I need for the week... baby steps right?!

I do not have a "weight loss" goal for the week only because losing 3.2 lbs in one week at this stage of the game may result in a smaller weight loss next week. (If you've done this as long and as many times as I have, then you know this)  It would be great to lose another 3 and hit my 50lbs, but not realistic, so I'm not touching that one... but stay tuned for a picture of me - since I met my 45lbs... I promised I'd post a picture.  I want to have my husband take one of me with the "good camera" so it'll be later this week when you see it. YAY GO ME!!!

Good luck to you this week and remember it's all about baby steps and mini goals... If you're like me and have such a LONG journey ahead, then thinking about the end just makes you too overwhelmed and may discourage you... so think small and make smaller more attainable goals.  This will benefit you more than you think it would!

Please follow my blog (so I know there are people out there)... and leave me a comment on what you'd like me to talk about.  Trust me, I've been through it ALL... and I like to "talk."

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After!!!

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  1. You are on the right track regarding don't let the total goal overwhelm you but better yet to work on small goals on you way to the final goal. I think that is what stops people from even starting - thinking of the total they want to lose and get disheartened that it's just to much to work on and feel they can never accomplish that. Also, what to keep in mind, those of us who have battled being overweight forever, is that the goal is not to be model thin but a weight that you feel good at, healthy and something that is doable and sustainable.