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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Such as life!!!

Well... as I thought would happen, it did.  I gained this week.  A fairly significant amount, but less than I had thought.  I thought last week was too good to be true.  I gained 1.8 lbs this week.

However, I can say it wasn't due to eating bad or not exercising.  I was within my points pretty much every day and didn't use HALF as much of my extra weekly points as I have been.  PLUS, I got plenty of exercise this week...

  • I had to clean my house... did you know that counts for exercise?  OMG it sure does, and I cleaned fast and hard for 1+ hours to get ready for company that was showing up that day for the weekend.
  • We went to a game fair and walked around for 2 hours... yeah it was slow walking, but it wasn't sitting on the couch and drinking beers with them (although I did do that too).
  • I got new kicks this weekend, so I went for two walks - thanks to my husband.  
    • It was my idea on Monday night, but then sat and talked with my husband and friend and by the time we were done chatting away it was almost 8 pm and I was too tired.  But my husband said he'd go with me - and so we went.  We walked probably a mile in total, for about 25-30 minutes.  So you can see I'm not a fast walker, but I did it.
    • Tuesday night my husband texted me, after he got done with golf, asking if I wanted to go for a walk.  I didn't get the text and by the time he got home I had finally sat down, after cooking all night and various other things, and had my pajamas on.  When he walked through the door he asked if I got his text and I said no.  He said I asked if you wanted to go for a walk... I said oh, sorry I didn't get it BUT I'll go change back into clothes and we can go... we walked for 48 minutes for a total of 2 miles.
So, I guess I should be pretty darn proud... I definitely met my goal and held up to the rest of the challenges this week.  So am I upset about my weight gain?  Absolutely not!!  I did very well this week and it will pay off next week at the scale... especially if I follow suit this week.

What are my challenges for the week?  Well... as always it's food related.  It's the great Minnesota get together time and I'm going!  What is that you may ask, it's the Minnesota State Fair time.  One of the biggest state fairs there is.  Millions and Millions of people make it out to the fair each and every year.  I go every year with my mother (and usually sister and husband if they can go).  What do we do there?  Eat lots and lots of crap food.  Will I do that this year?  Absolutely!  Will I regret it?  Absolutely not!  It's a once a year thing and I refuse to let my weight loss challenge affect that.  BUT, I will tell you this... I will make better choices than I normally would.  I will share everything I get with at least 1 if not 2-3 people (except my taco, which isn't bad anyway).  AND I will lose weight this week.  We probably walk 3-5 miles at the fair and our dogs are a barkin' when we leave.  So I'm not worried.

Goal:  gonna ride this one until I actually meet it consistently, I need to exercise 3x this coming week!!!

If you've read this far, leave me a comment and tell me what your challenges and goals are.  Maybe we could help each other out?!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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