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Friday, August 10, 2012

I made my weekly goal!

Well making the exercise 3x this week goal was kind of easy... almost feel like I cheated.  We went on vacation TO GOLF... so being that we had a practice round on Friday (I haven't golfed in 3 - 4 years) and golfed both Monday and Tuesday I then made my goal.  Somewhat cheating... but not really, right?!  One of the three rounds of golf I actually golfed 18 holes so there's one thing you can be proud of me for!  I NEVER GOLF 18 HOLES, after 9 I'm usually done!

So, my challenges this week were:

  • VACATION FOOD... sad to announce this but my husband and I put down two pitchers of beer and a large pizza by ourselves.  Oh don't you think I'm a wimp and couldn't handle half... it was almost drink for drink and pizza for pizza.  Not my proudest moment.  Oh and after that, we proceeded to go to the bar and do a shot... brilliant, I know!
  • Making smarter choices... My husband got a juicy burger with bacon, cheese and fries.  I was sooo leaning towards that, but I didn't.   I chose a ground chicken burger with jalapenos and chunks of applewood smoked bacon.  What was my side you ask?  They offered fruit - so instead of fries or onion rings (which I can rarely pass up) I ordered the fruit... and had water to drink!
  • Getting back to it before weighing in.  We got back Tuesday night and I needed to weigh in Wednesday morning.  So Tuesday on our way home we wanted to keep going on the road so we stopped at McDonald's for lunch.  I ordered a BigMac and that's it.  When we got in the car, I then had some light chips that I brought along for the weekend.  I was left pretty satisfied...but not much food allowance left for the day since I had an egg/bacon/cheese croissant for breakfast that morning.  So for dinner I had corn on the cob (3) and 4 oz of new potatoes with spray butter, salt and pepper.

What was the verdict?  Well I lost 1 lb, pretty damn good I would say for being on vacation.  THANK GOD for golfing or I would have probably gained another 2.  End result though is that I'm still up from last week's weigh in.  So I better get to it this weekend.  Another tough road ahead... going away AGAIN.  (we travel a lot in the summer)

What's my goal this week... same thing.  I need to exercise 3x this week, and it won't be easy because there's no pre-planned golfing.  So wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!!!

Have a great week and I hope you meet your goals this week too!  Leave me a comment and tell me what your goals this week are!

I can't wait until I'm Healthfully Ever After.

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